How I made a watch escapement SUN DIAL - I made it at Techshop Detroit!

Picture of How I made a watch escapement SUN DIAL - I made it at Techshop Detroit!

This instructable covers how I made a sweet laser-etched sundial. 
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Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
You will need:

A piece of wood
a ruler
a pencil
a drill press
a laser cutter/etcher
a chop saw

Step 2:

Picture of
I found an image of a watch escapement online.  I quick-traced it in Corel draw and cut the vector on the mini-helix laser cutter.  I put it in a 9"x9" box.

Step 3: Cut it Out!

Picture of Cut it Out!
Cut along the outline using the chop saw.

Step 4: Drill it!

Picture of Drill it!
Use the drill press to put a 1/4" hole directly in the center of the piece.  Use the belt sander to make a pointed cylindrical stylus.  Insert the stylus into the hole in the center of the board.

Step 5: Sand the corners

Picture of Sand the corners
Round off the corners using the belt sander and PRESTO! you've got a watch escapement sun dial.  Enjoy the ironic simplicity! :)
Azze0111 months ago

Nice looks on the watch escapement part. I admire the graphic effect of the laser charred wood in contrast to the white wood. Only one little thing on the sun dial part: Remember how many revolutions mother earth performs per day? Consider it a nature's major design flaw, but nature doesn't follow your thoughts here. Hint: 24 would be a good choice to start with...

Enjoy the ironic complexity :)

andres.arena.a11 months ago

Muy bonito, me gustaria hacer uno similar, puedes publicar los planos