How I Make Money With an Instructable.





Introduction: How I Make Money With an Instructable.

UPDATE: it is now for sale in the Instructables Shop as well (

The idea of my Rear-pocket-camera-mount/  is about 2 years old now (picture 2 & 3). The principle is simple: a camera support that slides into the rear pocket of your cycling jersey allows you to take cycling pictures of your cycling friends behind.

When I published the I'ble, I got so many positive reactions, not only here at Instructables but on "the road" as well. After a year of neglecting these positive consumer signals, I decided to try and turn it into a commercial product.

Soon I discovered that it had 3 shortcomings:

1. The original camera mount was made of PVC which breaks into sharp pieces (in a crash). This might cause cuts or even spinal damage, not something you want to be responsable for! So a soft material was the only option, yet stifness is required for stability. This seemed at first a contradiction.

2. Shipment costs of parcels are many times higher than shipment costs of envelopes. One of my goals was that the price had to be low (thus low shipment costs as well). Hence the device had to fit into an envelop (flat).

3. Finally, the original model was only suitable for compact cameras as it requires the bottom screw for attaching the camera to the camera mount. This excludes all the smart phones that people now use to make videos and time lapse pictures.  In the final model, the screw was replaced by a durable rubber band.

After fabrication of about 30 prototypes (picture 4) the final was ready: a foldable polypropylene cameraclip. It fits into an envelop and won't damage your spine in case of a crash.

It is now available at for only € 9,95 (excl. shipment costs).



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I like the idea but am unclear as to whether this is an advertisement for your commercial product or if we can learn to make one ourselves.

Can you clarify the intent, or give more details on how to build one please?  Thank you!    :)

There is a link to the Instructable in the second paragraph

Thank you Yonatan24.
Very good work on this 'ible.

No-No-No-No-No, I didn't make this Instructable, I just answered your comment :)

My mistake. Sorry.
Bertus52x11 You made a good instructable here!


Slim bedacht en goed gedaan! Veel succes!!!


that great!!! even i am thinking of launching a couple of projects into the commercial market.

one: a solar portable charger
two: a very cheap potable speaker
three: a water proof riding jacket that has turn signals, i took help from a existing instructable, but most of the product is based on my idea.

can you give me an idea how to go about it??