How I make a knife...

A slideshow video of how I make a knife. (For my nephew Warren, who loves every thing knives and wants to Know how to make his own) Sorry for the slideshow, but I can't edit video for anything.

What do you use to keep the belt clean?
I either use a belt cleaner, Its like a giant rubber eraser, or i use a plastic shopping bag or plastic garbage bag, rolled up and twisted tight. <br> I wanted to upload a photo for you but can't find anything close. <br>take a plastic bag, twist it tight, fold it in half and twist it more. it should be as hard as a stick, or nearly there. then shove the end against the running belt. it will eat the heck out of the twisted bag but really cleans a belt, and it does not cost $15.00 for a belt cleaner bar. ( do not hurt your self)
<p>Sorry about the late response, but thanks! easy and innexpensive.. .the heart of the diy</p>
Very nice pics but for me, having each step written down so I could follow the video would be much appreciated. I love the knife work though.

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Bio: I'm a single full time Custom Knife Maker. I am the owner and operator of Dark-Wolfe Knives.
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