Not happy with over-priced latex mattresses, and wanting avoid Chinese made and chemical-laden memory foam mattresses, I set out to make my own mattress, using organic cotton, latex, millet hulls and buckwheat hulls. The result was opening my own store! In this video I show you just how simple it is to make your own mattress, just like a major name brand does, and save some money to boot! You can learn more at my website, http://www.NestBedding.com
<p>This is great thank you ...and sorry there have been so many corporate shills and trolls attacking you for making something chem free. But every day more and more people are learning not to listen to them! Keep up the great work!</p>
I hate how people reinforce others chemofobia like this. Sir your bed has chemicals. If it didn't it wouldn't be a bed. It would be a vacuum.
@nestbedding, <br>I just have to add a comment about toxic building substances. While I don't have expertise in the area, I have experience. When the back country of Southern California was engulfed in flames in an arsonist fire, back in 2007, hundreds of homes and thousands of acres burned down. In rural Riverside County the stench was unbelievable and masks were recommended. The air quality was so bad, it was a risk for asthmatic children and the elderly. I doubt seriously that any mattress would have survived the inferno, and their chemical load was added to the severe toxic fumes. Yes, as ideanator said everything is made up of chemicals. But the chemical recipes created in the lab are the ones that are killing us. I am glad that there are alternatives such as this for those of us who hope to minimize our participation in the toxic overload.
Too bad, you cant get away from chemicals. Literally all observable matter in existence is a chemical in one form or another, it's inescapable. Did you know that your computer has a bunch of bad stuff built in, not to mention the ultra-toxic byproducts from making it. Same goes with your cameras, phones, fridges, cars, bi/unicycles, you name it, it has had some nasty stuff involved it its making! Anything from China has even worse things, since they couldn't care less about their environment. Oh, and did you know your DNA is actually an acid? because it is. <br> <br>The more you know...
Yes, inescapable, but not completely avoidable, and I am sure you are not advocating bathing in toxic chemicals because we are already surrounded by thenm.
If you think about it, water is actually bad for you. Hydrogen is what makes acids acidic and the affinity thereof is what makes bases basic. Oxygen is what causes aging via free radicals. All the unfiltered polymers and toxins like extra hormones and cocaine fill up city water systems more and more every year. <br> And that is to say nothing of air quality, You might bathe with relatively clean water, but air quality is rubbish everywhere, Its like bathing in a coal factory smoke stack a few times a year. <br> I'm advocating not living in an environment humans have destroyed. <br> As a side note, I just thought of an interesting air pollution solution.
Interesting...I drink only high alkaline bottled water, never tap. I try to avoid processed food whenever possible.
The other thing that is an interesting thing to consider is how many stories do you remember reading about houses burning down because someone's bed caught on fire? And since adding these regulations, people's homes still burn. What most of the public is unaware of is that the chemical companies are the one's who got this passed several years ago to ensure a steady supply of business. There is a similar fight going on right now and here is a link to my webpost about the latest article in the NY Times about it http://www.nestbedding.com/blogs/news/6557301-the-fight-to-keep-chemicals-out-of-our-furniture <br>I understand where you are coming from, however, for every one person who smokes in bed and doesn't catch on fire, millions are being exposed to cancer causing chemicals that enrich the chemical companies.
Very true. Just remember there will always be a person who will say something like that no matter the case or point. Just repeating what they hear or are familiar with than research. <br> <br>Great idea! Great video and very informative! Sounds like youre in a very large open room Lol!
LOL! Yes, that was my store before I had anything in it :) Notice no shoes, it made too much noise. I make these covers and supply foam, but anyone can make this themselves, I just want people to see how easy it is.
Not a good idea to dispense with fire retardant materials in mattresses or bedding. They made those laws so you would have a better chance of survival in event of a fire and you are trapped in the bedroom or if you are asleep.
And yet many people don't want the government telling them what to do, they simply want a choice. Making your own gives you that choice. Have you ever seen a house catch on fire? The mattress is the least of your worries. That said, the public should have a choice and not have to be choked out with toxic off-gassing. In fact, some fire fighter associations are actively backing the new California proposition, being proposed by Gov. Brown, to stop putting chemicals in furnishings, because they are being exposed to those harmful fumes during a fire

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