How I Maked My Red-blue Anaglyph Eyeglasses





Introduction: How I Maked My Red-blue Anaglyph Eyeglasses

That anaglyph eyeglasses are difficult to obtain in my country Argentina. Then, I decided to make them.
I already had the materials: pasteboard and filters of color.

To do the holes pertaining to the eyes I would be able to have used simply a scissors, but that would have been a little coarse.

Then, I decided to make a die (troquel in Spanish)..

Step 1: What I Used

- Pasteboard to do the framework of the eyeglasses, neither too thin nor too much thick. Containers of noodles or other food, they can serve.
- A pair of remnants of filter for lighting, one red and another blue one. They are not expensive, but I don't remember how much I paid.
- A thin steel tape of that some time belonged to a measure tape. Not the measure tape in itself, but the spring tape that maintains it rolled up. A cheap keychain with measure tape can serve, too.
- A piece of MDF a little thinner than the wide of the tape. I used two thin pieces, together.
- A piece of flat tin to do of endorsement to the die.
- A piece of round stick. It would be able to serve a broomstick or a knead stick, or even a PVC tube.
- Another piece of MDF a little bigger than the first, to do the main body and back.

Step 2: What I Do, 1

I cut a piece of the steel tape, approx. 5 inches, and I sharpened slightly one of its edges.

Step 3: What I Do, 2

I did a hole in the MFD piece, with the form that I wanted to give to the die.

Step 4: What I Do, 3

I mounted all with packaging tape. The same thing I could have used duct tape or so.

I assured that the sharp edge of the steel tape remain toward outside. I Cut the excess of tape.

Step 5: How to Use the Die:

Cutting the pasteboard to the double of the size that will have the eyeglasses, and to fold it at the middle. I folded it horizontally, but this is your choice.

Calculating (test and error does not fail never) the position that will have each hole.

Support the fold pasteboard over the edge of the die, in the reckoned position.

With the round stick, rolling it over the pasteboard, the cut is produced. One can feel it and to see it, is very easy.

Turning 180 degrees the pasteboard toward the right, the second hole will remain in a symmetrical position to the first one.

The discarded pieces of pasteboard must be put inside the hole, to help to maintain the sharp leaf in their place.

Step 6: Finishing, 1

Once done the holes for the eyes, the notch for the nose can be made using a half of the die.

Step 7: Finishing, 2 and End

The cut and paste of the blue and red filters is the easiest part, but is where one must have more care for don't dirty the filters with adhesive.

The final touch so that the work remain exhaustive can be done, now yes, with the old and noble scissors.



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Instead of   BLUE,   CYAN   color sheet should be used for a better experience. Search "Anaglyph 3D" in Wikipedia for more information.

Yes, you are right, but near my house is not easy find cyan filter. Blue works quite well, too.

I am thinking that substance in the bowl above the last photo looks very similar to
a herb ?

hola rimar, no pongas el verbo "usar" cuando te refieras al mate, porque lo pueden entender como que "usas yerba" o "usas drogas", mejor deci "tomar" (drink), asi se entiende que es una bebida o una infucion similar al Té. Muchos que escuchan la pronunciacion de "yerba" lo entienden por "hierba".

Hi, rimar, don't write "use" when you're refering to "yerba mate", because can be misunderstood by "using grass" or "using drugs", it's better if you writte the verb "drinked" because it's an infusion like the Té. A lot of english speakers when hear the word "yerba" they interpreted like "hierba"(grass/pot)

Gracias notingkool, yo siempre digo que muchas guerras han sido ocasionadas por los intérpretes. De todas maneras, tampoco me quita el sueño lo que puedan pensar. Hagas lo que hagas, siempre alguien te criticará agriamente. Puse el enlace a yerba mate por si alguien tiene interés real al respecto. 

Thanks notingkool, I always say that many wars have been caused by the interpreters. Anyway, I do not lose sleep over what others could think. Whatever you do, someone always bitterly criticized you. I put the link yerba mate if someone has real interest in this regard.

De nada osvaldo, yo nada mas por ayudar en la interpretacion nomas. Pasa que a conocidos mios les trajo problemas el asunto de las costumbreas argentinas en paises norteamericanos, y la mala interpretacion lo empeoro. jjajaja.
Saludos, nos vemos.

Yo siempre digo que en materia de hipocresía, los USAenses nos pisan los talones a los argentinos. Se rasgan las vestiduras por pelotudeces (ajenas, porsu), mientras dejan pasar cosas realmente grossas. Por suerte no son (ni somos) todos iguales, pero como allá son una tracalada de gente, eso se ve más. ¿Vos sos argentino también?

Si, si soy de La Plata. jajaja. es como lo de Malvinas, una distraccion para que no veamos otras cosas. Saludos

¿No sos el mismo que hemos intercambiado mensajes antes? Yo estoy en Villa Elisa.

Ayer escuchaba a Kris, me emocionó darme cuenta de que estamos en el mejor de los mundos, gracias a ÉL y a ELLA. El problema es que cuando vas al supermercado o a la carnicería (también, a quién se le ocurre...) no se nota.