How I Mourn the Loss of a Friend, and Honor Her Memory at the Same Time.





Introduction: How I Mourn the Loss of a Friend, and Honor Her Memory at the Same Time.

March 8th 2014 we had Breakfast, Today, the paper automatically opened to the Obituary page.

I saw a name and a face, and my heart stopped for a second. It was my friend. she is younger than me ( Was)

WE TAUGHT AT THE LOCAL MARTIAL ART SCHOOL, and we trained 4 nights/ days a week together.

I was shocked and numb.

I attended the Viewing, I was so glad the husband or any of her famy did not recognize

me. Her mother did, and she stated, her daughter would have been glad to know I came. Sadly I got in trouble at work for requesting late arrival on the day of the military funeral.

She had served,and later on joined the reserves. She loved Music, so I used musical Paper for the background.

I went to the funeral,where my Sensei, his wife and his 2 sons were present as well.

That night I was exhausted,i came home from work at 3 am and my daughter found me uncounscous, 1/2 under

under my running Prius,laying on a patch of Ice.

For months I carried her Obit with me, Until I found a better picture from her personal website. It was almost till October 14, till i found the right paper that I liked. And then I was finally able to put it a together, in a way which I believe will honor her memory.




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