In order to accomplish this, for me it was a matter of thinking big, of having the courage and visionary mindset, in order to get there.
If you don't have the patience to read the whole story, just click here!

First, I had a recording of an original song that I was satisfied with. This is a fundamental step, because you can only publish original music that you wrote yourself on Spotify since you earn money from it.

The song I wrote is called "Praise the Good" and I recorded it with a friend using a Blue Yeti Microphone.

You can read the full story on Patrik Siljestam's website!

Step 1: Treasure Hunt on Spotify.com

I went to Spotify's website and looked up what it would take to get my music there. After looking around some, I found in small grey print at the bottom of the site a link named "Labels and Artists" where I continued to click on "Are you an unsigned artist that want your music on Spotify?", which lead me to the next link, "artist aggregators we work with".

Quite the treasure hunt so far, but not nearly over yet. Now I was faced with 13 different websites I could contact as an unsigned artist to get my music on Spotify. 
<p>What did you do with the Songwriter Copyright and the Publisher Copyright Boxes?</p>
<p>In what area did you encounter these boxes? When creating your account or publishing a song?</p>
<p>I'm having the same issue. This is when you are uploading your actual track. it asks for Composition Copyright and SOund Recording Copyright</p>
Very helpful, thank you ✌
<p>im gonna try it do you need a record companys label name?</p>
You don't need a record company, you can create your own name!<br>Good luck :)
<p>I&acute;m gonna give it a try.</p><p>Greetings from Lima - Per&uacute; </p>
<p>Hey! One simple question.<br>They ask me for a label which I don't have. What should I put in?<br></p>
If you don't have a label you can &quot;create&quot; your own.<br>I simply decided to name mine &quot;Siljestam Music&quot;.
<p>Hi, how can i know if my music is already on spotify? It's already approved.</p>
It usually takes 2 weeks before it becomes available on Spotify after it's approved. You will just have to search for your artist name on Spotify and after some time it will appear.
<p>Oh okay, By the way this is really helpful. Thank you for sharing this :)</p>
<p>Thanks so much! I made it and now my song are there :)</p>
<p>Nice recommendation on RouteNote! Saved me some cash, thanks</p>
<p>Do you have to be at least 18 years old to put your own original music up on Spotify? Or can you be under 18 but with permission from parent/guardian, etc.? </p><p>Also I checked out your songs, they're really good! :) </p>
I would think that you don't even need permission from parent/guardian, but if you have that then you're definitely all set!<br><br>I'm glad you enjoy my music :)
<p>Inspiring. Thank you for posting.</p>
<p>I was wondering about the at the top of the create an upload page: **Click on attached photo**</p><p>Did you pay for a licence or is it not needed?</p>
I did not pay for a license, and you don't need to do it.<br>If you don't, you get 85% of the earnings.<br>If you later want 100% of the earnings, you can pay for the license then.
<p>soo helpful...</p>
<p>Hey mate! I made it! Thanks, I really appreciate your tutorial. I was trying to find a solution and this is exactly what I needed. Many many thanks.</p>
<p>How long until I can find or get a link to my song on spotify or itunes?</p>
It takes 4-6 weeks after the upload.
nice work hope I can be as successful as you
<p>Keeps telling me my music isn't 192kbps and 44.1 rate </p><p>(I've made sure it is.)</p><p>help please?</p>
Did you try using LameXP, the software I was using? That way you can convert existing mp3 files to that format without changing the quality. Otherwise RouteNote's customer support is very good so I would contact them through filling out their form at http://routenote.com/contact
<p>Any updates? Is everything still working fine? Making any money? Anything we should know about or be careful with?</p>
It's all working fine, just earned almost $40 this month, mainly through referrals though.<br><br>Still same uploading process!
<p>hi, please any one tell me if i make a good pop dance or electronic song, how much may i be paid on spotify, and if i pay $10, will everyone see my song? if i publish a song on spotify, will i make some income? i need the right answer, or let the indie bands answer, good job, bye bye.</p>
With RouteNote, everyone will see your song even if you go with the free version. I've earned $1 for every 317 Spotify streams on average with the free version, meaning RouteNote took 15%. <br><br>I would have earned $1 for every 275 Spotify streams if I had paid them $10 for the album.<br><br>So, as long as you get enough people listening to your music you will have an income. Read more here: http://www.soundfromtheheart.com/2014/05/earning-money-on-music-through-routenote.html
<p>thank you, but if i sell my song on cd baby song cast or itunes, is this possible for an independed singer? you have a good day</p>
<p>RouteNote also allows you to sell your songs as a CD as well, on Amazon, Google Play and other places, so you get both Streaming and selling.</p>
<p>thanks :)</p>
<p>I've checked your user at Spotify and I like it. ;D</p><p>Thanks for the tutorial, but do I only need RouteNote to publish songs?</p><p>Thanks anyway and continue with music!</p>
I'm glad you enjoy my music! And yes, RouteNote will take care of all the publishing!

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