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Introduction: How I Start a Fire

About: I am a electrician/fitter that install, commission and test new Escalators. I only have a tiny shed to create my inventions in.

This is my method of starting a fire. Fastest way I found - and I make a lot of fires.

Step 1: Seting Wood on Fire.

1)Place a suitable blow torch in the bottom of your kettle BBQ. DO NOT TURN IT ON YET!
2)Fill it with some flammable material like Fire Wood.
3)Turn the blowtorch on and wait 5 min.
4)Turn the blowtorch off and remove from BBQ
5)Open a beer and get the steaks out of the freezer or prepare whatever you are eating for dinner.

Thats it.



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    uuhh....was eating that lizard some sort of bet? or are you just the type of person who enjoys miniature portions of meat? oh and my honour (although i actually like the fire-starting "cheat" you invented) requires me to say "shame on you! don't you know how to make a prooer fire?you don't use a blowtorch! that's, that's, that'scheating!!!!" ;)  (jk, incase someone doesn't realise)

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    Hahaha. The lizard was my cuz Eddy. He is into extreme survival and stuff and like to practice. When I made the Instructable it wouldn't let me upload it with just 2 photos and 1 step so I had to find more Photos about fire and that's what I had.

    about the blowtorch.. I'm definitely not the first person starting a fire that way. Just the first one to admit it. I love my blowtorch and don't go anywhere without it. I haven't had to worry about kindling or firelighters or newspaper for years.

    Well it's Boerewors style sausage made by an English butcher in Australia. I have since found a real Saffer butcher in Sydney that sell the real deal. He reckons he sells 200kg in a week