Picture of How I turned a laundry bag into a flow through worm bag
I was inspired by Amy Youngs instructable about making a felt version of a flow through worm inn. But I don't have all the tools to do the wood work that the frame requires, and I'm cheap. So while out shopping and looking for a cheaper alternative than buying a cord stop from Joannes, I figured I'd take the cord stop off of a cheap dollar store laundry bag. Then I noticed that the bag was non woven and probably not organic and wondered if I could just alter the bag itself to make the worm bag. This I made my own Flow Thru worm bag out of a dollar store laundry bag!

Step 1: Materials List

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I don't have exact measurements, as a lot of this is found material, but you get the idea. If you find a laundry bag in your store the dimensions might differ, but the concept would be the same.

-A non organic fiber laundry bag. Not cotton or linen, but polyester or something else synthetic. Honestly I don't know what this laundry bag is made of but it melts when it's near heat so it's probably plastic, not plant based.
-Polyester sewing thread
-Seam ripper or fingernail clippers work well, too
-Sewing machine with a zipper foot attachment
-a Long Zipper, long enough to go around 3 sides. I bought a spool of zipper with12  pre-threaded pulls. You just slide a pull to the middle and cut it to the size you need.
-Marking Chalk
-Tape measure
-3/4" PVC Pipe
-3/4" PVC 90 degree corner connectors x 8
-a fine saw or pipe cutter
-small plastic wash tub
nanaverm2 years ago
Very nice instructions and idea - thanks!

The mycelium is good for plant roots, so they're a plus. The finished castings can use air, but shouldn't get dried out or the beneficial microbes will die.
metqa (author)  nanaverm2 years ago
Thanks for the comment. I believe if it's humid enough for the worms to keep working it, then it's probably still okay. I've been delightfully surprised at how dry a medium the worms will still stay in. I expect them to migrate inward and upward but what I thought was too dry was apparently still just right for some of the worms. So I'm letting them be the judges, though I prefer to air on the side of less dry than too dry!

I am trying the same thing but cannot find the corner pieces anywhere ! Finally wound up using wood instead of PVC - am going to paint it red before assembling. Will put up photos when done.

Great idea !

metqa (author)  sheilainmexico1 year ago

I look forward to seeing your photos.

Dr. dB1 year ago

Red Wigglers? The "Cadillac of worms"?

metqa (author)  Dr. dB1 year ago

Exactly! They are surface feeders and work really well in bins.

wilgubeast2 years ago
Nice work! I really dig the PVC frame, and I hope your worms recognize how lucky they are to reside in such luxurious housing.
metqa (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
Thanks. I also hope the same as well as hoping they don't mind their new bin guests who will be arriving in 2 days Via UPSP! Purple is a really Luxurious for a worm bag, don'cha think!