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Introduction: How Instructables Builds Community

About: Eric J. Wilhelm is the founder of Instructables. He has a Ph.D. from MIT in Mechanical Engineering. Eric believes in making technology accessible through understanding, and strives to inspire others to lear...

As part of the 2007 Crunchies, where Instructables was a finalist in the category of best user-generated content, we were asked to submit a short video explaining how we build a great community of users on Instructables.

We had a blast making it -- noahw did all the hard work! -- and hope you enjoy it too.



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    Nice vid, but can anybody please tell me why Americans don't pronounce the l in soldering?

    19 replies

    ing, the last three letters, ing, solder_ing

    Listen to the video - they pronounce it sodder-ing, instead of the correct form, soul-der-ing.

    I pronounce it either "Saw-der" or "Sole-dur"

    It honestly doesn't matter, Same with aluminum... Who cares?

    People who speak English?

    Which kind of English? British English, Or American English?

    I'm just saying that it doesn't really matter...

    I have no idea. Different dialects of English?

    oh, well then i do it both ways.

    I still can't get over /soddering/ vs /soldering/

    i head a better one a couple days ago, he pronounced it Saldering


    Me either - I prefer the latter.

    I just realized I can...
    I thought I had a problem, but I *was* saying it right!

    Apparently the English roots in Australia have Brought that pronunciation, The Australian roots In Me From my father have now brought that pronunciation to CANADA YAY!


    for the same reason we don't say the "h" in "herb"...we're just...sigh...just take pity on us. please. However, I must note that the way Brits pronounce "aluminum" is flat-out ridiculous.

    We don't say aluminum.

    We don't have that word in our dictionary.

    It even upsets the Firefox spell-checker.

    The word we use isaluminium.

    weird, i never say anything incorrect, but whenever i do say something correct, somebody in the US corrects me. Wateva. Aluminum doesnt upset the firefox dictionary here, weird


    fantastic. keep it up. *_*

    I'm from the UK, and heres my two PENNIES about aluminum-aluminium Well see here's the thing. Aluminium, broken down into its constituent parts is an -ium word, you Americans too have lots of -ium chemistry words- polonium, uranium etc. pronounced correctly. As far as I'm concerned Aluminum is spoken plain wrong for this reason. Its incorrect but has entered your language as a norm, and is accepted by you. This is fair enough though, theres tonnes of examples in history of word shortening becoming the norm on both sides of the pond, in fact throughout the world. But zoxx thinking that OUR pronunication is wrong is in itself flat-out ridiculous, a complete reversal of the truth that its originally an -ium word!!

    you say tamato we say tomato lol

    in practice it's sounds better than illuminum but the whole word is ridiculous...