Introduction: How Make Chicken Salt, Australia's Best Kept Secret

Picture of How Make Chicken Salt, Australia's Best Kept Secret

We are going to make Australia’s best keep secret, chicken salt.

Chicken salt is a salt blend used to season fries.

It’s pack full of flavour and is an Australia takeaway store favourite.

Step 1: First Thing You’ll Need Is Powdered Chicken Stock.

Picture of First Thing You’ll Need Is Powdered Chicken Stock.

There a couple important things to know before choosing which stock to use.

It needs to be low in salt.

Gluten-free because we want rice flour in the salt mix, not wheat flour as it draws less moisture.

We don’t want cakey fires.

Finally made from real chicken, this is because of the flavour we want.

Step 2: Making the Mixture

Picture of Making the Mixture

In bowl add:

  • 6 Tbsp table salt

  • 3 Tbsp chicken stock

  • 3 Tbsp garlic powder

  • 3 Tbsp sweet paprika

  • 1 Tsp white pepper

  • 1 Tsp onion powder

  • 1 Tsp Celery seeds

Step 3: Mix It All Together.

Picture of Mix It All Together.

place a side plate over the bowl and shaking for a minute.

This will help evenly combine the salt and all the spices.

Now that we have our chicken salt.

Step 4: Fry a Batch of Chips.

Picture of Fry a Batch of Chips.

Step 5: Season With Our Chicken Salt.

Picture of Season With Our Chicken Salt.

Step 6: There You Have It! Australia’s Best Kept Secret, Chicken Salt!

Picture of There You Have It! Australia’s Best Kept Secret, Chicken Salt!

This salt mix takes your fries to the next level.

As all Aussies know, chicken salt is the default when you order fires.

Please give it a go and send us your reactions either in the form of a comment or even better a video.


blovesyou1415 (author)2018-01-19

i will try it

Suejack61 (author)2018-01-06

I made this last night and it turned out great! I couldn't get gluten free bouillon powder (small town) but Knorr seemed to work fine. The recipe made a generous amount so I'm set for a while! Thanks for posting!

onewyliecoyote (author)2018-01-06

Can't find the 'Vegeta' brand here in the US. Can't even find it online, and the manufacturer does not respond to emails. Can anyone help with a vendor here in the US?

nonobadog (author)2018-01-04

Can you put this in a salt shaker and keep it that way or does it clump up/stick together/go bad/get nasty ?

ritty (author)nonobadog2018-01-05

keeps well provided it stays dry, add a Tbs of rice grains to your shaker and always avoid steam. Worked a treat in my fast food shop for years

Consider My Solution (author)2018-01-05

Around my territory we always bought "powdered chicken" in a jar labeled "chicken bouillon", and it generally came in cubed form (like a sugar cube) with salt added.

It is always too salty, so thanks for this recipe, and the opportunity to control the amount of salt in the "powdered chicken." Amazon has a bunch of choices for this product.

ron.walker.1690 (author)2018-01-04

Well, I'll be buggered. I did not know that and I'm an Aussie. Thank you.

dregan2 (author)2018-01-04

you bloody legend!

Mattwa (author)2018-01-04

Hmm, not sure the colour is flouro enough to be fair dinkum chicken salt from the take-away. looks tasty though, will give it a crack.

Alaskan Bev (author)2018-01-04

Wow, John, I'll definitely be trying this! I never even heard of chicken salt, and did not know there were differences in paprika! Sweet paprika? Hmmm. According to some of our grandchildren, the only thing to put on fries is ranch dressing. Ha! I'll show 'em! Thanks for this great recipe, photos, and video. Easy to follow and user-friendly.

Liam T (author)2018-01-04

Try this with smoked paprika instead of sweet and coat the fries/chips as soon as they come out of the fryer so that the coating sticks to the oil. Just the thing after a few beers.

WALKEREN (author)2018-01-04

This is going to be my new secret cooking weapon!!

CaseyCase (author)2017-12-22

"(W)e want rice flour in the salt mix, not wheat flour as it draws less moisture." Huh? There is no flour in the recipe for the mixture.

DavidK619 (author)CaseyCase2018-01-04

The flour in question is in the chicken bullion or stock. Gluten free bullion uses rice flour as a binder, whereas non-gluten free bullion uses wheat flour. Because of the properties of rice flour in the bullion, it won't cause it to clump with the rest of the spices used in the mix.

Dennym33 (author)CaseyCase2018-01-04

yes, that’s what I was wondering also!

John deCaux (author)CaseyCase2017-12-22

Most dried chicken stocks have some type of flour ;)

AzureOzma (author)2018-01-04

Maybe you should have read the whole article ;-}. The rice flour is in the 3tbsp of powdered stock.

Dr.Bill (author)2017-12-28

This mixture is very close to Old Bay Seasoning for seafood, poultry, salads and meats. I use the stuff on popcorn too! Celery salt, unnamed spices, red pepper, black pepper and paprika. A 1 pound can of Old Bay is pricey and Chicken Salt is looking pretty good.

murdermouse (author)2017-12-25

I've been using that same basic blend for years as an AP seasoning. It's good on just about anything.

I had no idea Australia had named it and claimed it.

MichaelAtOz (author)2017-12-25

Edit: Replace-All fires/fries.*

Tho my call would be 'Chips', fries you get at the golden arches, but I still ask for chips on principal. *I presume you are going for the US market...

MichaelAtOz (author)MichaelAtOz2017-12-25

I just watched the video, 'Chips'! Good.

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