Let's face it, there has been some tension lately. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but let's take the passive route this time, and avoid one of those "we need to talk" confrontations. Ungh.

Luckily, with just a small amount of medicated vaporizing chest rub, your relationship woes can be squashed before any serious conversation needs to happen. Who knew? Thanks Vicks!

Step 1: A Classic Decongestant

I'll just get the obvious use out of the way: VapoRub can do wonders for your beauty rest. If your partner is snoring or hacking up a storm all night, just rub a little Vicks on their chest so they'll shut up. You'll be back to counting sheep in no time. 

Otherwise, I hear the couch is relatively comfortable sleeping option. For them, of course.
My wife and I did this by mistake once. I applied some vicks to my chest and neck then went to bed. Long story short we got frisky and I started sweating, The vicks enhanced sweat made its way down my chest and to her "tootoot". This sent her running to the bathroom to find a wash cloth. I guess if you try that you need to make sure it's not irritating to your partner.
<p>Imagine hot pepper oil on your &quot;parts&quot;. That's what it feels like. Been there, done that accidently like you two. Not fun!</p>
I vaguely remember one Sunday, many moons ago, an episode of Popeye, where Bluto switched Popeye's jar of Spermaceti with a jar of Vap-o rub (this was before Olive Oil) Needless to say, later, after Popeye had liberally applied his usual dose, some eventually made its' way to his, &quot;tootoot&quot; which, not surprisingly, kind of rubbed him the wrong way. He then proceeded to administer the standard whoopin to Bluto that, as we all know, marked the end of cartoon. The End &quot;tootoot&quot;
<p>Rubbing on the soles of the feet works much better...</p>
enjoyed your photos Author
enjoyed your photos Author
these comments arnt a place for captain hindsites &amp; his possi of feeble throwbacks. fyi btw lmfao rolf harris
<p>Yuck hate the smell of Vicks my mother use to put that on my chest when I had a cold with a stuffy nose, never knew it could be used to help someone stop snoring have to try that on the husband, hahahah, hope he don't try to lick it off, hahaha during his sleep, hahaha</p>
<p>Just FYI, a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oils can accomplish these tasks as well. Cheaper and cleaner. The foot rub can be done with petroleum jelly, which is the base of chest rubs. One should be aware that petroleum jelly is a plastic of sorts created as a waste product of petroleum refinement, as in petrol/gasoline. </p>
<p>Like others mentioned, I can attest to it stopping coughs by slathering it on the soles of your feet. Learned that trick this year. </p>
<p>Sheep farmers who have a new lamb with no mother, and what another mother to nurse it, will put vicks on the prospective mother's nose and on the baby lamb. The baby does not smell wrong, so it must be right. Adoption approved. </p>
<p>About cats not liking Vicks... that's not universally true. For example, I have a cat that takes immediate interest when I rub it on the back of my hands, and then proceeds to sit there and try to lick it off.</p>
<p>Just a friendly correction. This is an error that appears repeatedly.</p><p>&quot;...your relationship woes can be squashed...&quot;</p><p>Surely you do not want to squash anyone. It's too messy.</p><p>Next time try &quot;quashed&quot;. I am sure the following is what you meant.</p><p>quash |kw&ocirc;SH, kw&auml;SH|</p><p>verb [ with obj. ]</p><p>reject or void, especially by legal procedure:<em> his conviction was quashed on appeal</em>.</p><li> put an end to; suppress:<em> a hospital executive quashed rumors that nursing staff will lose jobs.</em>
<p>Actually ... <br>This reminds me that every time I hear someone use the word jive, to refer to two things being in agreement or working smoothly together, that I think they probably mean, or are referencing the word jibe. Same for saying track instead of tack - coincidentally another sailing term - to mean path, especially a change in path and to be in accord along that path (or course or policy or means). But, while I might be correct about the word they are referencing (even if it's unknowingly), the fact is, the other word is a perfectly acceptable substitute. We can be on the same track, or the same tack. If two things jibe, they also jive. And so it is with quash and squash. Squash includes in it's definitions the idea of diminishing something to basically nothing. In fact, Websters considers them synonyms. After 19 years working with words (journalism) I've found that flexibility more often leads to better writing than rigidity (and few are more rigid than a newspaper copy editor with an imperative to orthodoxy). </p>
<p>Good reply. </p>
<p>Saw that also. Great response. :)</p>
<p>Saw that also. Great response. :)</p>
<p>Vaporub can be inhaled with hot steam just like normal vapes. Since VapoRub ointment is an oil-based medication, it should not be used under or inside the nose or inside the mouth, and it should not be swallowed. Any oil-based product can get into the lungs if used improperly</p>
<p>My 60-ish next-door neighbor recently related how her father used to roll a gob of Vapo-rub in sugar and give it to his kids as a lozenge when they were ill. She said they loved them (because of the sugar) and they worked!</p><p>In the Sunday paper's &quot;pharmacy&quot; column, many people write to say that rubbing Vapo-Rub on the soles of the feet of a cougher, covering with socks, and going to bed will yield a restful night with nary a single cough. </p>
<p>It's squashing &quot;woes&quot; not humans that we are after here. This is my favorite instructable yet. It made me smile. I am a great fan of Vicks vapo-rub myself--an absolute must-have nose ointment for colds and helps keep the spring sinuses clean.</p>
<p>Is that the 'Head in a Jar' Guy in step 6?</p>
<p>Do you know very same - composition wise - Vicks is sold as Ayurvedic Medicine in India to circumvent taxes ? All they have done is used Ayurvedic names for the components. </p>
<p>Isn't Vicks mentioned in the Kama Sutra?</p>
<p>For those curious enough to wonder about buckley's cough syrup with camphor, here's the maker's own ingredient list...</p><p><a href="http://www.buckleys.ca/products/adult_ingredients" rel="nofollow">http://www.buckleys.ca/products/adult_ingredients</a></p>
I heard that some CSIs use vicks if they're going into a room with rotting dead people.. Just rub a little under their nose and they're perfectly fine.
<p>Maybe I could use some when I'm cleaning up the fallen rotten fermented pares around my pare tree...</p>
<p>She was paring a pair of pears. You gotta love English.</p>
<p>*pair ;)</p>
Please don't use without advice of your Doctor ! Machhindra Mali Aurangabad,
<p>Similar to the Horse works out things, </p><p>but a dab in each nostril as you perform autopsy's or recover dead things like they do in CSI.....oops too much tv for me, must do more stick carving and shoot more pellets!</p>
<p>Step 5 LOL, that's dramatic (but creative) :-)</p>
<p>Step #5...basically saying that if you want to get your way, instead of sitting down and talking it through like adults you're going to use emotional abuse to get your way?</p>

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