Following this simple tutorial even you can learn how NOT to design chair. This tutorial is especially handy for designers but might profe useful for other crafty people out there too.

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Step 1: 1# Find a Place to Sit.

Find a place to sit in the wilderness or if you cannot reach the wilderness just find any place to sit.
<p>the reason why there are so many chair designs is because there isn't a good set of criteria to judge all the awful chair designs so far. when you sit down you know you could be more comfortable. A good chair is comfortable to sit in. Supports your body and facilitates the activites you will engage in when sitting. Things like being cheap portable storable and using standard parts or being sustainable are all bonuses. Just admit so far chair design has sucked because you all designed for design sake and never dog fooded your own products. But hey opinions are like anuses</p>
My agreement of your position (sitting) comes with 5 stars attached....well done, even though you didn't actually 'do' anything. <br> <br>
After all chairs have turned to dust, there will still remain the concept of a chair, thought and ideas are the only concrete elements in a fleeting world.
Beautiful and true. After we started this campaign to make 2012 a chair design free year I begun to look at chairs like I imagine archeologist look at stuff they dig up.
I'm wondering how many people will post a new chair instructable because of this...
Jep. Tell someone not to and they surely will.
ive always thought that there were too many designer chairs. all my chairs are repaired or bought second hand. i wholeheartedly support your cause, and vow never to design a chair.
I agree with what you are saying. This is hard. De-growth might be hard but it wont be as hard if we laugh when takin part.

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