How NOT to Make a Sexy Thong for Your Wife





Introduction: How NOT to Make a Sexy Thong for Your Wife

Inspired by giannyl's 'How to Make a Sexy Thong' video instructable, I decided to make one for my wife. It didn't quite turn out like giannyl's. Here's how NOT to make one...



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    Multiple sizes too big? I just assumed the wife was a wide load.

    LOL!  You still married after that? hehehe!

    LOL! Very cute and creative - love the caulking gun...

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    Thanks...yes, that was pretty sad!

    LOL! Dude, just buy her some ! You can get a 3 pack in really pretty assorted colors for a couple of bucks! Besides, this looks like some sort of painful medical thing.

    I lmao'd, thanks :)

    But wouldn't it be really easy to cut the long parts, then sew them back together?

    Very funny! A really nice parody of giannyl. However: giannyl does look a lot better than you do :-) :)

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    Thanks for the comment. I messaged her before submitting the video and made sure that she would not be offended. She thought it was funny too. I agree..she is much easier on the eyes :)