How NOT to Build a Rocket Motor!





Introduction: How NOT to Build a Rocket Motor!

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Back in the good old days I was one of the few lucky scientists who got to work at was then known as the AF Rocket Propulsion Lab (AFRPL) . It was a great place to experiment with different types of rocket systems, including liquid, solid, plasma, solar and some other exotic designs. At RPL most rocket tests were static, meaning they were held in place as they fire.

The following sequence of images was taken by a colleague ( who's name escapes me at the moment ) of a test firing of a new solid rocket motor design.

As you will see things didn't go as planned. Fortunately, no one was injured.



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    No one was injured instead they all died! Just kidding.

    I'm impressed by the camera used to take the images. That it was able to adjust the exposure fast enough to darken the sky in the time that it took for the explosion to occur is very impressive.

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    wish i could take credit for that impressive guy yourself 73 instructables and counting?!!!

    That must have been so bright if the camera changed the sky to dark!

    Totally Awesome! You are my new best friend! my education is in aerospace engineering and the test phase is the coolest portion of the R&D. Awesome Shots! Why did the rocket lose it's job? Because it got fired! HAHAHAHAHLOL! Just like why did the chicken cross the road? Becasue it was carbon bonded to the robot! HAHAHAHAHALOL!