Step 27: Bucket Derby

Picture of Bucket Derby
Rhett Applestone discovers the joys of gravity-powered racing in Austin TX.
This may be fun, but it isn't a safe activity and requires a lot of parental supervision.
The bucket rolls well but it can't be steered and has no brakes.
It likes to roll out into traffic, and if the wheels hit a pebble there's a wipeout and the rider gets an owie.
Naaah. No Darwin here. Just childhood, plain and simple. Me and my cousin did stuff that was equivalent...

Reminds me of a fond pastime from my childhood.... "clothes basket down-the-stairs derby"! Not only do wipe-outs *really* hurt, (and funny to watch) but there are other dangers as well. See, grandma's stairs to the second floor (with the wide even steps,and optimal incline) opened up on the first floor to the outside.

Parents made this game stop when I slid down the stairs, through the door, through the front porch, down the front porch stairs, out the double doors, across the lawn, and into the drive way in front of a moving car. Yes, they were only going about 5 mph and stopped in time, but... talk about a nightmare for a parent! Never fear, I only got a few bruises, none of which were from the car.

My aunt wasn't so lucky... she lost a few years of her life from the shock of seeing me fly out like a shot and spill down and out right in front of her station wagon.

I, having no sense of self preservation, was very upset that this great game was kiboshed permanently. "Life is so unfair~!" I had really wanted to see if I could make it to the river, which was... about 50-100 feet further. :)
Tekgno6 years ago
Darwinism in action!
Nah, thats a dumpster.