How-To: Make a Heart Out of a Cigarette Package





Introduction: How-To: Make a Heart Out of a Cigarette Package

Here I want to show you how to create a heart out of the plastic film which seals a pack of cigarettes. A nice thing to do if you're hanging around bored in a pub.

Step 1: Pull the Plastic Off

Pull of the plastic foil about 1,5 cm

Step 2: Turn It 90 Degrees

Turn it around 90 Degrees, so 2 "flaps" are formed

Step 3: Melt and Fold Them Down

Now take a lighter. Melt the edges of the 2 Flaps and fold them down to the middle.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the last step 3 times.
Then pull of the plastic completely.

Melt down the pieces of plastic which are standing out of the square. First the two small sides, the the bigger ones.

Step 5: The Square

now you should have a pretty decent square.

Step 6: The Notch

Now melt a notch to one of the corners. User a lighter to push it down.

Step 7: The Edges

Now round up the edges. User the bottom of your lighter.

Step 8: Finish

Now your heart is finished and ready to be given to the one you love :-)

Caution: Hot plastic cane hurt you, and gases may be toxic!



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    I thought it was pretty inventive-something I'd think of or do maybe-I dig it. I'm just glad over-bearing non-smokers are here to save the day by flaming on a guy's idea. Bravo! That's the way! Read an instructable clearly labeled in a manner indicating it uses a cigarette package (wait, could this involve cigarette CONSUMPTION? OH NO!) then crap on it because it does. I'll smoke until I die an untimely death just to spite self righteous people who insist on attempting to force people to conform to their own lifestyle.

    It's like the word 'cigarette' is a vulgarity.


    I think it is really sad that he is so worried about the toxins from the plastic being melted and not from the cigarettes

    Really Good Idea, Worked Great Happy Ending For A Smoking Minor Like Me, Thank You


    Too bad you can't make lungs out of the package....

    That's precious. Spreading cancer *AND* love.


    lol, love it!!