This is a weapon that can easily be made at work and is meant for firing at boxes or paper. Please read the caption on Step 6 for safety and rules when using.

Step 1:

Overlap the 4 pencils as shown in the picture!
     You will also need at least 2 tight rubber bands (I suggest 4 or 5 though.)
I made a crossbow like this in school. I was in a engineering class and my teacher loved it... until i took the needle of a compass (the kind for making arcs and circles. Not one for navigation) and put that on my arrow. Someone in another class found it and ended up shooting a kid in the leg. The kid was fine. But my teacher had to confinscate it. I ended up making one at home and attached it to a small airsoft pistol so i could have a real trigger mechanism.
<p>If you have trouble getting the pen caps to hold the rubber bands you can use tape. Additionally anywhere that tape is listed to use, you can use a rubber band (including instead of the pen caps). We had much better luck getting the clip to say put using a rubber band.</p>
This is SUPER cool! I want to try this one. I actually think this should get more views! Can I offer a suggestion? If you change the title around and the first image I think you'll get a lot more views. As is, instructables shortens the ends of titles and you can't really tell what you're making out of office supplies so people will click on it less. I'd make the title something like &quot;Make an AWESOME Cross Bow out of Common Office Supplies&quot;. If the first image was of the finished product, you could get a ton more views too. Love this one! Thanks for posting!
Hey guys thanks for the views drop some comments below about what you want to see . . . it can be anything not just weapons. Would you like to see how to make a para cord bracelet? And remember to comment, rate, follow, and vote for my Instructables!

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