Introduction: How to 3D Print a Fire Hydrant

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This instructable will explain how to print a 3D model of a fire hydrant for an animation

Step 1: Make an Account on

once you have made an account on, search up 3D model of a fire hydrant

Step 2: Download the 3D Model

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download the 3D firehydrant model and open it up in UP!.

Step 3:

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Once you have the 3D models in UP! go ahead and start your printing.

Step 4:

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when your fire hydrant has finished printing. let it cool down, it will be very hot.

Step 5: Trim Off the Extra Plastic

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when the fire hydrant has finished cooling, cut off the extra plastic.

Step 6:

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after trimming the extra plastic, there may be some sharp parts. get a file and file down the sharp parts.

Step 7: Paint Your Firehydrant

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paint your firehydrant. I used red spray paint, its a lot faster and I found it to dry faster.

Step 8: Your Finished Firehydrant

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you have now finished your firehydrant. you can use it for an animation like I did but you can use it for pretty much what ever you want.


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