How to Add a Button to a Friendship Bracelet




Introduction: How to Add a Button to a Friendship Bracelet

In this tutorial ill show you how to add a button onto a friendship bracelet. Supplies: A finished bracelet Glue A button

Step 1: Find a Button

Get a button that's a little bigger than the loop. Try to use one of the colors in your bracelet.

Step 2: Thread the Strings Though

Do it like this.

Step 3: Thread the Strings Though

Do the same with the other string with the remaining two holes.

Step 4: Secure It

Now turn it around and do some knots like so.

Step 5: Knot Again

Now separate into two groups. And make one or two knots.

Step 6: Finish It!

Then cut off the excess string and dab with glue.

Step 7: And You're Finished!

Wear it!



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