i suggest strongly that you dry fit your guitar, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE! if you make changes to your guitar without knowing it works in the first place, you can't return it! i dry fitted all of the parts, but didn't put it together completely, you can but don't have to. Just make sure all of the parts fit snugly, If you purchased a Les Paul Kit, the neck is supposed to sit above the body about an 1/8 of an inch. i already emailed the Saga Company, and they confirmed my inquiries.
I am enjoying following your progress, I really like how you don't hide the slip-ups. It is the mistakes we make that make us human and lend character to our work. Trust me, you will be the only one who sees them. <br><br> I might offer a hint on the paint problems you are having; the &quot;spiderwebing&quot;you are getting is a result of what is known as differential drying. The base coat is not 100% cured and so as the under layer continues to cure it actually moves, the top layer is moving at a different rate but is also binding to the under layer, thus you get cracks. Some people do this on purpose to get an antiqued look to their work.<br>Building any type of stringed instrument is a test of one's patients and you are obviously a very patient young man, keep up the good work.
I&acute;m writting a blog about assembling DIY kit guitars. Although it&acute;s in Spanish, there is a Google Translator pluggin so you can read in multiple languages. <a href="http://www.hacerguitarraelectrica.com">http://www.hacerguitarraelectrica.com</a>
Good job on the instructable and the guitar.<br> <br> I built a copy of the same guitar about 2 years ago. Here's <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Build-A-Guitar-Speaker-Box-Or-Build-Two-For/">a link to a photo of it.</a>
thank you so much for the advice, and appreciation!

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Bio: i like playing bass guitar, and im learning guitar. i love hardcore music, and hanging with my friends. I love building stuff too.
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