How to Add "Instant" ********** to Your Garden!





Introduction: How to Add "Instant" ********** to Your Garden!

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What a difference a tree makes!  In my case, I opted to purchase four japanese maple trees.  They were on a special at Lowe's and I've wanted one for a very long time.  By the way, the ******** in the title can be: Drama; Beauty; Excitement; Variety; Panache; Joy, Mystery;...or any of innumerable adjectives!  All to say, the change is great.  I have not planted the trees as of now, I want to let them "grow on me" for a while, and I can move them around, experiment, get used to them, and place them in absolutely the best spots.  

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    I think the garden looks great and like the idea of trying the tree in different spots to see what works best or grows on you. I was watching a show on one of the how to networks and the host brought up a good point though... remember to picture the tree 18 to 24 inches shorter that it appears to make up for the pot. Yes, I know it will finally grow but it may change your opinion just a bit after the planting. Keep up the great work...

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    Thanks alot...I'll keep that in mind!

    Beautiful trees (actually the whole garden looks lovely)

    The wonder . . . . . of your garden amazes me! It is almost like a garden of eden! Thanks so much for sharing. Sigh we can't grow them where I live. It is too hot and dry! We had them in Wa. though.

    I also have a 'Crimson Queen' Japanese Maple (from Lowe's even!), and they really make a lovely focal point in a garden.  I was worried it wouldn't be able to take the heat and short winters here, but it's been doing well for 3 years now!  I brought it home in my Toyota Echo with part of the canopy hanging out the window.  lol.

    Just be careful to not leave it in the pot too long.  Trees don't last long that way.  Only saying this from experience.  :-P

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    Thanks. I was worried about the heat as well. These are classed as ful lsun, however, and I didn't know they had that class.

    I don't know a whole lot about California gardening, but I think our gardening situations are somewhat similar for the summer at least.  I have mine in part-sun with afternoon architectural shade if that helps.  It will get some very mild tip burn occasionally, but it's so minimal that it's hard to notice.

    The heat is probably the same, but you get colder, I think. I was surprised to see that you could grow that staghorn fern.

    It's not hardy here, so it goes in the garage in late-November/early-December and goes back outside in late-February/early- March.  I've had the one in the hanging basket for 2 years now, but there are some gardeners around here with HUGE staghorn ferns that they have to cover with quilts and blankets and tarps because they can't be removed from the tree seeing as they weigh 500lbs or more.  I'm guessing their ferns are worth in the thousands, so I can imagine going to all that effort for such a valuable plant.