Have you wanted to add surround sound to a room but found you would have to rip apart your walls or make holes in the ceiling? Well here is a somewhat easy way to put in the wires with out doing any major reconstruction, or any at all!

Step 1: Placing The Speakers

Deciding where you want the speakers is based on personal preference and on getting the best sound.

If you want the speakers for music like I did you can put them anywhere you want as long as you can hear them.

But, if you want them for a surround sound setup like a home theater you need to position them in a logical way. The center channel and front left and right need to go on or near you TV like i did our home theater set up. As you can see in the picture there is a speaker to the left, the right and the center speaker in the center of the TV. The rear speakers need to go behind where you are sitting, such as your couch. They sell stands for about $30 each, or you can mount the speaker to the wall like i did. (please note this is for a 5.1 channel set up). For a 7.1 Channel set up it would be exactly the same except the rear channels are different. The 4 and 5 channels are at the side of your head, or the sides of the couch and the 6 and 7 channels are behind like in the 5 channel set up.

The Subwoofer is the easiest part of the whole set up. It can go anywhere in the room because low frequencies are impossible to detect where they are coming from with the human ear. The best spot though is next to your TV or computer screen. Make sure not to put the subwoofer touching the TV or computer screen though because it will cause the set to resonate and it will rattle. I had this problem when i installed mine in my room becuse it was touching the wall and it would shake the pictures on it and was very annoying so i moved it to the top of my filing cabinet.
Ps sorry for errors or bad grammar .. I'm a tech that what's happens lim
Hi my name is chris and I hope this helps .. I did not read all of the posts but I've been installing custom home theater..full home alarm or smart home systems,,.. Blah blah who cares but I know u guys know about sound bouncing off walls and sound travels back... So sounds is vibrating air ... Blahs blah!!!! So what I am saying The best place for a sub is by the main sitting area so you can feel te vibrations of the movie more then hear them .. So when THX came out was with the first jarassic park came out cause when a raptor poped out ,, sounds like it right there .. So I've been hooked to audio...
Quick note here:<br>Some people can discern where sub-woofer frequencies are coming from. Most people can't, but here's why:<br>Your ear can hear pretty much any frequency. It's your brain that filters out unnecessary frequencies. If you strain to hear specific frequencies your brain will automatically adjust what it is &quot;listening to&quot; so that in encompasses those frequencies. You don't have any more or less hearing... just a different range. I had this happen to me... just in the opposite way... I was straining to hear high feedback, so now I can hear high feedback before anyone else, but I have trouble understanding regular conversation frequencies. (I can hear them... it's just hard to understand. Also, I can't hear low-end feedback as well, but that doesn't sneak up on you like high end... when low end starts you usually have less than a second before it reaches critical.) So now I can mix great... but I just can't understand what anyone is saying... ;)
im the same as you lol it really annoys me now :(
Yes, it is annoying. The other problem is that unless you are constantly explaining it to people, they think you are hard of hearing and shouldn't be running a sound system! :(
Thats so true! but i generally just say wait. let me show you. and prove them wrong :)
Ya... But if you are talking to a perspective paying client, they will not take a chance on you, since there are usually a few other people wanting the job. You have to explain it to them, and even then you need some good references. :) I actually just got back from watching a play that a group that usually hires me was putting on, they didn't hire me this show because the facility they were renting space from required them to use the facility's tech people, but I met the facility's tech director, and he said &quot;oh, I was really looking forward to meeting you! All the parent volunteers were constantly saying that they wished you were here to help solve all their problems! Do you have a business card for when I need an extra person?&quot; That is so good when you can get a recommendation like that! :) Otherwise you will never be paid to prove them wrong! :(
I have the same system, its sounds well overall, just have to break them in for the first time to get the best quality
How much did the speakers cost, and where did you buy them? Thanks.
go to best buy
They were about $200 at walmart plus about $20 in speaker wires

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