How to Add an Instructable to Your List of Favorites and How to Rate an Instructable


Introduction: How to Add an Instructable to Your List of Favorites and How to Rate an Instructable

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To add an Instructable to your list of favorites, click the "favorite" link in the gray bar underneath the Instructable's images.

You list of favorites can be found on your homepage (click your username in the upper right) under "Your Instructables" sorted by "favorites", or directly here by clicking "Favorites" in the pull-down menu accessible by mousing-over your username.

To rate a project, which no longer adds it to your favorites, click the "+" or "-" buttons in the Instructable's title box. When you give a project a positive rating, the Instructable's score increases, and your username will appear in the "They Like It" box on the right-hand sidebar under "Groups." To change your rating, click the "+" or "-" button again and then click the "x" button that appears.

To remove an Instructable from your favorites click the "un-favorite" link in the gray box on the Instructable, or click the "un-favorite" link when viewing your list of favorite Instructables.

You will need a free Instructables account to create a list of favorite Instructables or to rate Instructables.



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    This instructable is what, 11 years old? Would the good folks at instructable redo this one because it clearly does not apply anymore! Thank you


    When ever i try to favorite i get a message saying error 404 what am i doing rong?

    Can somebody please, please help me by answering my question??--is there a limit to the # of Instructables one can add to his/her Favorites??? Regardless of my continuing to mark -ibles as Faves (btw: why -ibles and not -ables? just wondering...), my acct. has stopped at 36. Is this the limit? Is there a limit? Can't find the answer anywhere on this site--if anyone knows, I'd be very grateful for a response. Thank you so much!!

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    There is no limit that I'm aware of (I believe I haev about 168 favourites at the moment). By the way, it's ibles rather than ables because ables is a word. I guess the more proper term would be I'bles.

    How do you vote for an ible?

    I don't have any fav button :(

    By the way, the email/print/favorite/flag bar goes alllllllll the way to the bottom if you "View all steps on one page"

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