Step 3: Join the Two Colors

If you are using the same color cord for the outer and inner edges, cut a piece about 7.5 feet long and skip this step. If you are using two colors, read on.

Cut one piece of each color to about 3.5 to 4 feet long. Burn all the ends except for one end of one of the pieces. On the piece you didn't burn, pull the inner strands out about an inch. Then, take one side of the other color and put it into the other piece. (I know this is kind of confusing... just follow the pics) Then, burn all the little frayed pieces of the color you pulled the strands from to attach the two colors. Now go take a break and drink some root beer to clear your mind from all the confusing stuff.
<p>Thank you! I made 16 of these for my sons hockey team for their holiday gift bags. These are their team colors. I can't wait for them to see them!</p>
<p>That's awesome! :) I know they'll enjoy them!</p>
<p>Can you plz try to make a video or explain more briefly.</p>
I made one out of Urban Camo and Harmony and adjustable from 7 1/2&quot; to 9 1/2&quot;. Doesn't look too bad for my first attempt. Thanx again for the instructable.
<p>Very nice! I love that color. Great job :)</p>
<p>Not a great ible. Advertised as a heart design. Didn't show how to make the heart which I was looking for.</p>
I'm sorry you feel that way. I hope that single detail didn't ruin the Instructable for you, and I hope you found the vast majority of the Instructable useful (how to create the actual adjustable bracelet). The heart is very simple, and I'll try to explain it in words. You need a small length of paracord (1 foot will be plenty) and needle-nose pliers. You simply put the pliers through a loop on the bracelet (they're yellow in my picture) and pull the paracord through. Repeat this through each loop of the design you want. For the heart, you'll go through 4 loops at the top, and put both ends through a single loop at the bottom. then cut them fairly close and use a lighter to burn the ends and hold it in place.<br>Hope that helps! :)<br>Adam
<p>I'm so glad you took the time in explaining that for me. Thank you. Helped a lot, I will post an &quot;I made it!&quot; comment and if you could tell me if it is good or not, that would be great! Thank you, AM1</p>
<p>No problem :) Definitely post the &quot;I Made It!&quot; once you finish! </p>
I love it, thanks!
I really like this style of Paracord Bracelet. I didn't want to use buckles and want to thank you for posting this instructable. Now - all I gotta' do is attempt it and see what happens, lol.<br>Big1011Guy
Great idea on the adjustability, I'm going to try this. Thanks!
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Adambowker98 (author) says: <br>Ok, cool. I'll try to make an 'ible later today if I have some free time. You promised - where is result? <br>Hey, could you check the quality of this http://eparacord.com/pages/paracordbracelet instructions?
Sorry, forgot all about that! Besides, with school starting I haven't really had time. And I've seen that video before and it does a great job of explaining things.
Great project. You have really good pictures. The explanations are nicely detailed. Thanks! Keep up the good work.
Could you post a how-to on making a heart in the bracelet? I've followed your tutorial on the normal bracelet and it came out great, but I'd like to try one with a heart in it too. Thanks!
Sure! I'll work on that once I get home on Sunday. (I'm on vacation right now, hehe.) And the heart is pretty easy to put on a bracelet or to add to a bracelet you've already made.<br><br>-Adam
Just want to say thanks for the instructable brother. I've just completed my first paracord bracelet thanks to you. In my own opinion it turned out great.
Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad it worked for you!
Nicely done. I would like to see a heart/ribbon -ible, I have thought about trying it but I haven't had the time to work it out.
Ok, cool. I'll try to make an 'ible later today if I have some free time.

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