This video explains how this amazing new toy works, how to ride it, and how to fix its annoying beeper.


<p>I think there is a better way to learn this,see it on http://www.fwheel.cc/Video-Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/Drop-test-for-f-wheel-dolphin.html</p>
I have to disagree with you. You need your arms free to help you balance. Have you tried this method yourself?
<p>Nice and informative video! At 4:14 it was like that old movie bomb clich&eacute;: &quot;Cut the red one, cut the red one!&quot; hahahaha</p>
<p>Youch! </p><p>Did you break something at 0:59?</p>
I wish I had gotten that on camera :-) I totally wiped out after hitting top speed. I fell on the ground with no injuries, and the wheel went flipping and bouncing down the street :-)

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