Picture of How To Alphabetize By Last Name In Microsoft Word
In this instructable I am going to teach you how alphabetize by last name in MS word. It is a really handy tool that is very useful at time.

Step 1: HIghlight Names

Picture of HIghlight Names
The first thing you have to do after typing in the names is highlight them.
ToyMaker7 years ago
What version of MS Word are you using? This is not an option in Word 2K (yeah, I'm oooold).
joejoerowley (author)  ToyMaker7 years ago
I have 2003. Sorry. Do even get the sort function?
Yep, table->sort is in there but the only options under "sort by" are paragraph and field one. Guess if I really need this I'll have to upgrade.
joejoerowley (author)  ToyMaker7 years ago
No. Dont upgrade. I dont know why but sometimes it only says field 1. Sorry. I should be able to figure it out but i struggled with it for a while and could not fix it.
zipykido7 years ago
This will really come in handy when I write annotated bibliographies. Can it organize by only the first word of each paragraph?
joejoerowley (author)  zipykido7 years ago
Yeah, I think so. Just figured it out tonight and have not had that much time to mess with it. Thanks