Picture of How To Amaze Your Friends with Guitar Hero III
I was getting bored with GH3 for awhile, and then i had the bright idea to look up cheats on the internet.Heres what I found out:Hyperspeed level 5+no fail +unlock all songs=Your friends will think youre an alien.

Here's me beating it, without cheats, on hard.

Step 1: Cheat Codes

If color letters are in () you need to hold these at the same time and strum i.e. (ry)if not just hold it and strum once
No Fail:(GR)B(GR)(GY)B(GY)(RY)O(RY)(GY)Y(GY)(GR)
All Songs:(YO)(RB)(RO)(GB)(RY)(YO)(RY)(RB)(GY)(GY)(YB)(YB)(YO)(YO)YR(RY)RYO
Enter these in the options menu.No fail doesnt work in solo career mode so you have to use it in quick play. After Hyperspeed is activated highlight it and press the green button until the number next to it says 5. All songs will not show up in the cheats screen but you will get a message that its on.
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ArchEnemy#13 years ago
my friends find it amazing that I can just play on expert period
hahahahahaha!!!! lol im amazing i can get 85% on expert with hyperspeed 5 !!!!!!!!!! pretty beastly huh? =]
LMAO!!!!!!@!@!@!@!@1//212!@!@?!@ ONLY 85%? you crack me up boy.
what a pity. i can get 10000000000000000% on expert/hyperspeed 5.don't ask me how to pronounce that number.
That's pronounced 10 quadrillion percent.
no no no it's pronouced one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero
85% thats shameful.. try my score of 96% then tell me whos beastly.. your not amazing yoour shitt
dsv1015 years ago
good job but i can beat that on expert!
fishgish5095 years ago
i can do it on hard without ANY cheats
unominame5 years ago

EZ i can get a 92% on expert without no fail and i can tap the beginning

so if it says (GR) that means i hold down green and red, then strum.. right?
for a "super genius" ur not that smart, no u DON"T strum, u just press the button
Actually, you do strum.
FYI you do strum after holding down the notes
Please don't act so high and mighty when you clearly know nothing about the game yourself. He had it right the first time.
blah blah blah
k first off I don't even have the game a friend does, and second i did that without strumming because my friend said i probably didn't have to and it turns out I did.
ok, and i dont have it eaither, my friend does
Yes. (GY)=Green and Yellow
(GR)=Green and Red
and so on.
198x7 years ago
You don't really need the unlock all songs cheat if you've actually completed the game.
That Hurt This Time (author)  198x6 years ago
Yeah, this was before I could beat raining blood on hard :P
Sunny1246137 years ago
wow you are really good!!
Not until I do it on expert. Then I am truly good. If the intro wasnt so fraking hard, I can't tap it yet...
If you strap a rubber band around the green fret, then you don't have to tap.
Lol true, but then you can't play the rest of the song because green is always pressed.
You slide it off when you're done with the first part.
oh wow,i told my friends all about you, he said (my friend)"wow,I really needed this,thanks!" (but he could not post it because he did not wanna waste time making an account)
ting-a-ling7 years ago
You can find pretty much any video game cheat and walkthrough you want on gamefaqs.com. Comes in handy sometimes. A friendly warning, though. Some games don't like cheats very much.
yeah, some game companies make fake cheats, I was so scared when it said "deleting all data on memory card one, then reset the game."
Did it really delete it?
no, that was on animal crossing.
That Hurt This Time (author) 7 years ago
~~MAJOR UPDATE~~ Just 10 minutes ago I beat it on hard, getting 140,000 some points and hitting 80% of the notes. Im going to get a better video of it because my cameraman couldn't film to save his life. Ill post it as soon as I can.
Trogador7 years ago
Try to tap the intro. It's easy once you learn it and you don't even have to look at the screen anymore :D
Tailslvr7_77 years ago
Well MY record is in the 60%'s. BTW, the All Songs cheat failed on me, so I used the Unlock Everything cheat for a subsitute.
ScienceWiz7 years ago
ren76247 years ago
dude i owned my friend on gh3 through the fire and flames by dragonforce if u do battle then first player has it and other doesnt i wud beat him like 5 times in like 10 miniutes all day and say "Im god in guitar hero! w00t!" and they wud stare at me and id put my hand up in like a hi-five and laugh silently and shortly and say "come on ... anyone?" and one of them said "u suck" and id beat him so its fun wit these cheats nice instructable
The Pusher7 years ago
well I kicked your ass I got like eighty percent but that wasn't with hyperspeed 5, still Howard Stern
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