Did you know that the more you walk, the heavier you get? This isn't for good of course, or treadmill manufacturers would go out of business and Body Break would be redundant, but it is true, even if for a small fraction of time. Laws of relativity say that mass is equal to energy, therefore, when you put out more energy, you become heavier, but the change is so small you can't even notice it until you're close to the speed of light; and I don't think think anyone can speed-walk that fast!
But you're not here to learn about science, oh no, I can hear you right now, sitting at your computer, contemplating clicking that back button as you mutter: science is gross. Yes, I hear you, and that is why I have prepared for you a step by step guide on how to animate walking sans science. No degree in physics required, just a love to animate and a want to learn. So if you're ready for some fun times (hopefully) and some learning (probably) then, let's jump right in, on y va! 

Step 1: In the Words of Scar the Lion: BEEE PREEEPAAARED!!

To animate, I use Flash CS5, but the process should be relatively the same in all versions of Flash. There is nothing fancy involved in what I'm going to show you, anyone with mediocre drawing skills and access to these or similar programs can make beautiful walk cycles. 
Alright, so all you have to do to start is open Flash. That should be easy. Once the program has loaded, look for the Create New column and click ActionScript 3.0. This will open a blank document, BUT DON'T GET TOO EXCITED YET! Before you can start animating, you should think about where you plan to use your animation. I plan to upload mine to Youtube, so I'm setting my proportions to 1280p by 720p. This will make my canvas the perfect size to upload in high quality to Youtube. To do this, all I did was drop down the Modify menu in the top bar,and then choose Document. This gave me a window where I can input my dimensions. Once I was sure those were the dimensions I wanted, I clicked OK...and that was it! Operation Step One: Success!

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Bio: Allos, I am Nikki, and I'm a highschool animation student. I like sunsets and long walks, but mostly I like holing up in my ... More »
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