How To Annoy The Heck Out Of SomeONe Younger Then You

Picture of How To Annoy The Heck Out Of SomeONe Younger Then You
How To Create Annoying Sound Only Someone Younger Then You Can Hear
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Step 1: Not Hard At All!

*Updated! 02/05/08 New version of the program has come out! Use step 4 and ignore 2! Ill try to move them later but I get A Java error when I try to now*

The Concept is simple, as you get older, the less higher frequencies you can hear. But when you were younger you could here much higher frequencies then you can hear as you get older. So using a freeware program NCH Tone/Waveform Generator, ,

you can create higher frequencies that only younger people can hear.

Step 2: *Old Version*

Like I said, this is the old version, Ignore it unless you have to use this version!

Using this program is strangly easy. First, find a frequency thats just over your hearing range. You can do this by clicking the up and down buttons next to the HZ sign, then clicking the start button. Once you found a frequency you can barrely hear, click the save as button and save it as whaterver you want.

Step 3: Start Annoying!

Once you are done put it into itunes, click repeat one, turn your speakers up and watch your younger victom go crazy!

PS Some Speakers can't haandle the higher freqincies, smaller is better!

Step 4: *Updated For New Program!*

Picture of *Updated For New Program!*
After looking into so posts that the software has been changed, I updated the instructible. The old version is set as the last "page" if you still have the old version. The new version is actually easier to use so I highly recommend you get it!

1)When you open up the program you will see this screen, double click the "Sine One Frequency"
2)It will pop up with a new box that says "1000 HZ" Chane that to anything you want (I don't recommend anything above 20000)
3)Play it to test, Save it, And viola! A beautify created anoy-a-tron!
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QwertyuioLP7 years ago
Do u know how 2 do it at school? Please tell me!!!!1
Retroboy4 (author)  QwertyuioLP7 years ago
Well There's a few possibilities, You could bring some sort of MP3 player and some small speakers, You could wire up some kind of device to make the tones, mortaldoom780 said he created a device, it shouldn't be that hard, Or stick it on your cell phone. A bonus is that if you stick it on your cell phone then if you set it as a ring tone, if it goes off then no teacher should be able to hear it. Its accusal very popular in my school to do that. But beware, if a student teacher or another student decides to tell the teacher, you might be out of luck!
Thanks alot!!! Now I am working on broadcasting it thru the siren at school any ideas??
There was a fad in my school of playing it using a mobile phone, everybody in a coridor or classroom can hear it seems louder than when the same speaker is used for music ect. It's also very hard to distinguish where the noise is comming from.
how do you get it on your phone? when i put it on it keeps saying "cannot play this sound"
bears0 chip1233 years ago
idk, my friend had it on his and he used to play it at the library. lol
For Mine, it says this: Tone Data Sine 1 frequency SINE DURATION what's the duration does it matter!
the duration is how long you want the tone to play.
You probably don't have Windows 98...
RPisces7 years ago
I just recently made a cool oscillator that GENERATES these sounds; if any of you are interested, just let me know and I'll post it!
zeeomen RPisces7 years ago
i did 11986 hz with triangular and it made my brother try to kill me.
billneu zeeomen5 years ago
I can sealy hear that
can you post it please i wanna piss of students!!!
Hmmm...So you live in England, according to your profile? do they not have these devices near some (privately-owned, of course) shops where the grumpy shopkeepers want to keep kids out? I heard that somewhere...
Some branches of spar do here in Wales (basicaly still England) but it's very rare and they dont usually just leave them on.
no they dont have them sadly but it would be funny to annoy them all
FireTech936 years ago
why dont you recomend anything above 20000 hz? is it bad?
it's not possible for any human to hear anythig above 20,000
May injure speakers.
I was playing that sound at 9000000000000.00Hz and it got to my 9 yr old brother.I couldn't hear it at all.
Dude I don't even think a new born baby could hear that. I cant hear it above 19500Hz when i did it with audacity. I don't even think a normal computer speaker could play that.
My speakers apparently can, because I had an old Db meter and it went crazy.
Wasagi6 years ago
~2600 hz hacks a phone, It makes you think that you're an operator, and you can get free long distance calls and stuff.
how does one go about doing that. Just for intellectual purposes though **cough cough**
just google phone phreaking. One of the precursors to hacking and how many of the now big computer guys got their start. Almost completely defunct now though, advancing technology and phone companies getting wiser being the two main causes. Still really cool stuff though.
Hoboman6 years ago
It dosent seem to be working for me both a 32 yr old, a 13 yr old, and a 7 yr old, cannot hear anything.
Retroboy4 (author) 7 years ago
Hey everybody, I'm sorry if the software I have posted about has been updated. I'm looking into it and if there is a new GUI or any change I'll update the instructible. Thanks for the positive comments!
Abaddon7 years ago
interesting, im 14 years old and i can hear even 20,000 Hz lol, arround 15000 and 10000 Hz its the TV frequenzy everyone hear when it is on, but when it reaches 8000 at full volume (try "amplify" in the wavepad master) and it will crush your ears appart =D i just did, its so funny.
PD: its a bad idea to use it on mobile phones and mp3/mp4 players with speakers, it will consume the battery in a few minutes (if its not in seconds)
Retroboy4 (author)  Abaddon7 years ago
Hmmm, no when I stick a tone like this on my iPod with some small battery powered speakers, I can keep up the tone for a couple of hours.
musicman4327 years ago
how do you do this on a mac? please private messege me!
smokehill7 years ago
There may be another really useful application for this. A lot of deaf dogs, like deaf people, can still hear in many ranges. I've fostered several supposedly deaf rescue Dalmations that turned out, with some experimentation, to hear certain ranges of sound. Sometimes you can find a whistle or other noisemaker to get their attention or "call" them. Rather than fiddling about with a slide-whistle, using this download could tell you exactly which ranges they were deaf within, and create the tones that would be most effective. Good instructable, and one that might give others some really useful ideas !
i wanna do this so in class i can put it on my i pod and put my bad headphones on and put it full blast then everyone will be like dude wtf is that and the teacher will be just like what are you talking ablout. lol once i get home ill do it
firewire7 years ago
im interested
Knex Rules7 years ago
It looks nothing like this for me and i used your link
Retroboy4 (author) 7 years ago
Actually I use it as a ringtone at school because the older teachers can't hear it but I can! It first originated from Europe were they used it to keep away kids after 9pm from the malls. They set up huge speakers and let the noise blare!
Retroboy4 (author) 8 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Dont say you wont post any more instructables. Thats a very depressing thing to hear on a forum dedicated to helping each other out and inspiring creativity. There have been lots of double posts of things ( just look up electronic detonater ;) ) The only thing that matters is that you genuinely want to introduce new ideas or ways of doing things, wether it be by adding on to someone elses posts or creating your own. We're not going to crucify you if you accidentally post the same thing as someone. That is one of the many reasons why instructables is different then many other sites, we seem to be a lot friendlier. Have you seen how many flame wars erupt on places like digg and even the comments section on youtube every day? Who would want to express their ideas if they have a fear of being mocked and yelled at every time they open their mouth?
I'm not blaming him for copying this one (since the other first instructable was posted a long time ago), but the bow and arrow one was just posted the day before and all he did was use one clip instead of two. I'm not saying that you should stop posting instructables, just that it helps to check if it has been done (you can still post it, if your version is different, but not if it's only by one or two small variables). Everyone has a different way of doing things and can help to improve the designs of others. If you decide to modify someone's idea, just give them some credit in your instructable (such as a link in the intro). As Tetranitrate just said, "lots of double posts", and you'll see that each version is designed differently or modified from others (but credit's given). So don't give up, just get creative.....
Retroboy4 (author)  FrenchCrawler7 years ago
Ok, Thank you for the helpful info!
And if you find that your post is similar to another one, simply acknowledge it by linking to the previous one. The bow and arrow one was just video and a regular instructable is very complementary. You can always go back and edit them.
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