How to Apply Hair Extensions





Introduction: How to Apply Hair Extensions

For this tutorial I'm applying my hair extensions which I purchased from Zala hair extensions.
This set has 5 hair pieces and they were 150 grams (I think from memory)!

P.s feel free to suggest any tutorials you would like to see in the future!

Step 1: Part Hair

Take the first 1-2 inch layer of hair from the bottom of your hair and separate.
Take a two clip extensions and place on the first section of hair.

Step 2: Part Hair

From where the first extensions are sitting take another 1inch section of hair and apply 3 clip extension.

Step 3: Part Hair

Move up another 2 inches from last extension and section off hair again.
Add the largest weft to hair (mine was 5 clip)

Step 4: Apply One Clip Extensions

Let all hair down and lift up the hair which comes into line with your eyebrows and place wherever looks most natural.
One extensions on either side of head.

Step 5: Style Hair!

Run fingers through hair so extensions and natural hair mix and look unnoticeable and you're done!



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