This is a step by step guide on how to make a fully working Guy Manuel LED kit.

These instructions only cover the electronics, the assembly of the actual housings is not shown here.

The end result is this:

Please read over this guide before starting to follow the instructions as there is some ambiguity sprinkled in throughout the steps.

I've included a complete wiring diagram just in case my instructions don't make sense.

Good Luck!

I've created a video series on how to assemble this kit:

Private message me on YouTube if you are interested in purchasing  a kit.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Here are the items you will need in order to complete a Guy Manuel LED kit:

All parts are of the thru-hole variety.

4 PCBs - Available Here (or Private message me)
3 x 16MHz Crystal oscillators
20 x 1k Ohm resistors (preferably the 1/8 Watt type)
6 x 47k Ohm Resistors
5 x 10uF electrolytic Capacitors
5 x 0.1uF ceramic Capacitors
6 x 22pF ceramic Capacitors
20 x Dupont Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 3 pin
65 x Dupont Connector Pin connector (The metal pieces that go inside the housings)
1 x  Tactile Pushbutton 6mm x 6mm x 6mm
160 x Straw-Hat 5mm White LEDs
20 x 2n3904 transistor
4 x Single Row 40-Pin 2.54mm Pitch Spacing Right Angle Connector
3 x Max7219/21 LED matrix drivers
1 x 3-C cell Battery holder (4.5V)
1 x 4-AA Battery holder (6v)
4 Foot piece of 50-conductor 28AWG Flat Cable
10 Feet or so of Ethernet cable (you'll need to get the wire out of it)
2 x KF2510-10P (polarized 10-pin connector)
2 x KF2510-2P right angle (polarized 2 pin connector)
3 x KF2510-5P (polarized 5-pin connector)
50 x JST crimp pins

Electrical Tape

Soldering Iron
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Two Sets of Pliers
D-sub Crimping Tool (Available at Radioshack)
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