Although drum sets can come in countless styles, arrangements, and variations, many beginner drummers may not know how to construct what could be considered a typical or basic drum set.  With this set of step-by-step instructions, anyone with the proper materials will be able to put together a complete set.  Not all the materials that I present are required (because again, you may not have everything that I have), but it will provide the basic skills needed for assembly.  View the next step for the list of materials that I will be handling.

Step 1: Materials

The drum set I will be using consists of:

- 1 kick/bass drum
     - 2 legs
- 2 toms
     - 2 connector arms 
- 1 floor tom
     - 3 legs 
- 1 hi-hat stand/pedal
     - detachable hi-hat clips
- 1 snare drum
- snare stand
- drum sticks
- kick pedal
- 2 hi-hat cymbals (14")
- 1 crash cymbal (16")
- 1 crash/ride cymbal (18") 
- 1 ride cymbal (22")
- 3 cymbal stands
     - including all screws, pads, and washers
- 1 cymbal stand arm extension
     - including all screws, pads, and washers
- drum seat (also known as a throne)

Again, not all of these are required, but this would be considered as a standard or basic setup.  
<p>Hello, great tutorial, however i'd like to point out the preferred way of using the hi-hat clutch, the diagram below shows how the two nuts are used to control the tension of the top cymbal and a locking nut and felt is used underneath.</p><p>Cheers </p>
<p>Amazing tutorial. Super well done!</p>
Agreed! Exactly what I needed. Thank you?

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