Introduction: How to Attach a Bayonet to a Homemade Gun

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First you need a homemade gun with a threaded barrel and a bayonet lug

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Then you need a knife that will fit on the lug

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In my case I needed a barrel extension( note the stopping welds)

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Now assembly: thread on the barrel extension( If you need need one)

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Now take the bayonet and slide it down the barrel to the stopper-weld

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Now engage the bayonet lug

Step 7:

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Pull on the lock and tighten the set screw

Step 8:

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And now your homemade gun has a bayonet! This gun is my mk1 gun. It is .22 caliber. Hoped you enjoyed and feel free to follow or comment. ( an instructable for the paint job will be coming soon)

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357magnum (author)2014-08-02

good job dude I like it

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