How to Backflip on a Tramp





Introduction: How to Backflip on a Tramp

This is a guide on how to backflip on a tramp Note: I am not responsible for any injury or death caused on a tramp

Step 1: Front Flip

First you are going to want to learn to do a front flip make sure to swing your arms and lean forewords once you are off the ground you will want to try to flip forwards consistently and not all the power at the front you will want even power throughout the front flip this is the easiest flip in this instructable therefore also the first that you need to learn to make your way to a backflip

Step 2: Side Flip

Next you are going to want to learn how to side flip this should be easy once you can do a front flip just lean to the left or right and swing your arms make sure to get high of the tramp with the side flip it may seem more natural to tip backwards which is going to be one of the later on steps you are going to want to swing your arms in a circular motion and lean to whichever side fells more natural to you in this flip it is easier to lean for you if you have a net just lean   

Step 3:

Now you are going to want to start slowly angling the side flip to the back little by little and by the end you should be able to backflip you will want to take this slowly as if you get hurt you will be scared to do it again so make sure to do it at your own comfort level



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    Dude, you really need to go more into detail in this instructable

    Not the most detailed and easy to follow 'ible, but I'll give it a go.