Many people are mean and don’t care about other people feelings .They don’t know how they made them feel with one small action. So with this I can advise people how to be a nicer person and I’m sure they will also feel better about themselves. One kind person can make someone’s day. Someone mean, rude , selfish and petty can grow up and be lonely. With this advice there can be a change in someones life.  (http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/398910/jewish/So-You-Want-to-Be-a-Nice-Person.htm)

Step 1: Greeting!

Greet them with a smile first . Then you can wave or shake hands which ever you feel more comfortable with. 

Step 2: Eye Contact!

When having your conversation look them to their eyes and show them that you are listening and you care.

Step 3: Listening!

Show them that you are listening and you care. 

Step 4: Responding!

Make sure you give input into the conversation, you know, some feedback.

Step 5: Keep It Consistent!

Be dependable. Don't be nice once then change. Remember to Smile!

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