So you want to be an animator, huh? Sounds like it would be fun, right? Sittin' around, drawing all day? Piece of cake, hm?

I wouldn't jump to conclusions there, friend. Animating comes with a whole bunch of responsibilties and hard work. Espcecially if you are just now dipping into that pool. Well, friend, feast your eyes upon your saviour as I am about to lay down a whole bunch of knowledge and wisdom up in here.

So without further ado, lets delve in, shall we?

Step 1: Work Load

Don't be the person who plans too big for themselves. If you expect too much from yourself even though you are only just starting out, things aren't going to come to even being close to what you want. If you plan more moderately  things will definitely go better for you. Because in all honesty, between the scripting, the recording, the audio editing, the storyboard, the animatic, the actual animation, the colouring, the every infuriating bumps in the road, actually putting what you have together, s#!ts gonna get cray-cray real fast. And if you go way above and beyond yourself, just imagine what that's going to be like.

Lesson learned: Be reasonable and plan for what you are sure you can accomplish.
You guys should be quite happy with what you accomplished even though it isn't complete. Can one of you please post the original soundtrack when you get a chance?
Soundtrack? Like just the sound? Sure, and i can give u the .FLAs and the credit video all on Monday, Maybe someday Adobe won't stink and we can actually put it together,
This makes me want to go cry. In the most pleasant of ways.

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