Step 1: First Supply's

Under armor,Adidas ,Nike,Rebook just mostly sporty clothes wear

Step 2: Then Put Them On

Step 3: Now Got to School

Watch when you looked like this

Step 4:

But now
Great job...keep trying. Do what you like and don't worry about the haters.
Negative comments/ feedback makes you guys just as immature or more than the kid! Give him a break, he's doing something constructive!
I don't mean this in a mean way but if this is how u express your self. Then this how u express yourself. I agree with you. And I believe that is how the haters think being cool is too. They just want someone to hate on. Great job
If I don't wear those clothes am I not cool? :)
<p>Umm... I don't really see any negative feedback here? Or is it just me?</p>
And first
Good job on a first one look up: easy pompoms with I dinner fork that's my best
Guys please don't say negative things I mean come on it's my first one and I will make better ones than this one so sorry for making this one.
Hey nice Green Bay packers banner in the back of your picture.
You guys don't realize this is a joke. Also, what's so bad about conformity if you WANT to dress that way? If you avoid something just because it's something the popular kids used to do then that's even worse.
<p>Thanks for sharing how you express yourself. There are other ways people can be cool too, like having a positive attitude, being kind to people and appreciating what others have to offer. :) </p>