How to Be General





Introduction: How to Be General

Ever wanted to dress up your AJ penguin like General from Generally AJ? Here's how.

Step 1: Put on a Tuxedo.

General's trademark torso item is his Rare Lucky Tuxedo, but this item is hard to come by. You can pick up a Tuxedo Jacket from Epic Wonders (for 1,750 gems) instead.

Step 2: Get Some Glasses!

General's known for wearing his Rare Nerd Glasses (he mostly wears the glitched yellow-tape ones, but you can find him in the standard version occasionally). They're in high demand because of their rarity, though - you can find yourself a pair of Round Glasses (300 gems) from Jam Mart Clothing instead.

Step 3: Get Yourself a Necklace.

General's Firefly Necklace is not in stores, so you'll have to find a replacement. If you're willing to spend a diamond on the Ice Amulet, it does a fine job of looking similar!

Step 4: Get Blue Suede Shoes!

They may not be blue suede shoes, but General often wears blue footwear such as Ice Gauntlets and the blue variant of Reindeer Slippers. Unlike the rest of his outfit, you can still find the Ice Gauntlets in the Diamond Shop for one diamond! Reindeer Slippers, however, are only for sale during the Jamaalidays.

Step 5: You're Done!

Unless you happened to have the hard-to-find items General normally wears, you'll notice that your penguin doesn't look exactly like Gen. But everyone's special! Now you've got your own original General!

Step 6: Remember, General Changes Up Sometimes.

General doesn't always stay in the same outfit. Sometimes, he changes into a Polka Dot Tuxedo from the April Fools' Party. He also changes up his Firefly Necklaces to be different colours. So if you have a General item in your inventory that's not the same colour variant, don't sweat it! It'll look Generally Awesome.



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