Yo. This instructable is about being safe on the web, because everybody knows that the web is a dangerous place and you need to protect yourself.

Step 1: Safe Search Tool

First off you'll need a safe search tool, here are some good ones:

Web Of Trust

Norton Safe Web

McAfee Site Advisor

if you need help go here .
You might want to mention some or not all those products are available for OSX, BSD, Linux, Unix, or several other operating systems for various reasons.
I know, sort of annoying isn't it I run Ubuntu 11.4
I still run chkrootkit and rkhunter anyway on ubuntu.
What makes the web dangerous? <br>What are the dangers, and what are their attack vectors?<br>Is everyone equally vulnerable?<br><br>I don't mean to sound mean spirited, but to be helpful: if you're able to better explain some of the above, I believe your Instructable would benefit even more people.
The web is dangerous because of viruses mostly.<br>Not everyone is equally vulnerable for example people who use Windows vs people who use Mac or Linux.<br><br>Thanks for asking!

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