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Yo. This instructable is about being safe on the web, because everybody knows that the web is a dangerous place and you need to protect yourself.

Step 1: Safe Search Tool

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First off you'll need a safe search tool, here are some good ones:

Web Of Trust

Norton Safe Web

McAfee Site Advisor

if you need help go here .
You might want to mention some or not all those products are available for OSX, BSD, Linux, Unix, or several other operating systems for various reasons.
I know, sort of annoying isn't it I run Ubuntu 11.4
I still run chkrootkit and rkhunter anyway on ubuntu.
Kozz3 years ago
What makes the web dangerous?
What are the dangers, and what are their attack vectors?
Is everyone equally vulnerable?

I don't mean to sound mean spirited, but to be helpful: if you're able to better explain some of the above, I believe your Instructable would benefit even more people.
zombies are annoying (author)  Kozz3 years ago
The web is dangerous because of viruses mostly.
Not everyone is equally vulnerable for example people who use Windows vs people who use Mac or Linux.

Thanks for asking!