Picture of How To Be Stealthy (with a bit of practice)

Step 1: Ready Steady INVISIBLE!!

Picture of Ready Steady INVISIBLE!!
Okay now you might not believe me but black clothes are bad for stealth. Unless it is pitch black but than you won't be able to see so WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Try to get dark colors like on a woodland area try dark green. Or I'd personally would get dark clothes of any kind if I was trying to scare my da or sister. Than cover you gave in something. BUT not your whole face cause you be able to see but of you get dirt/ash/grime and cover splotches over your face it will break up your outline and people won't be able to see a oval shape.
Actually all black is bad no matter what light level. A well trained eye can spot you. Solid black does not exist in nature You appear as a giant hole of nothingness

Black is seen as depth and shadow not nothing.

kerrman75 (author) 2 years ago
no thas how long its takes to recover
it only takes 20 minutes to form night vision 45 at most, 36 hours is a bit of a stretch
ringai2 years ago
I've found that many people will forget and look at you. That little flash of white is enough to do the trick. If you don't want to be found, don't look at anyone.
omnibot2 years ago
I believe Banksy has said that "to be invisible you only have to wear a bright orange vest and a helmet and walk around town with a paintroller and a bucket of paint"