Through this instructable I will show you how to tap into your inner powers (if any) and become the next Batman, Hulk, or Martian Manhunter. Remember with great power comes great popularity and ability to beat the $h!t out of your arch enemy. So read on and please rate.

Step 1: Find Your Power

Don't dive in the biohazardous stuff just yet because you might just  have a hidden power somewhere in you. First go through this list...
Get some Kryptonite and feel if weakness falls upon you if not...
Try running as fast as you can and vibrate through a wall. Try while nobody is around so you dont look like a fool. If this doesn't work please...
Try jumping off a roof and fly. Make sure to have a trampoline ready if your not sure already. If this alas doesn't not work then...
Make your hand in a rockstar and see if web shoots out.
Look at somebody while your head is on fire and burn their soul.
Find your secret claws that shoot out when your angry.
God of Thunder?
Fraid of Bats?
Turn green when mad?
Clobberin' time?
Nothing? Next Step

Can reproducing asexually be considered a superpower?
<p>metro ninja superhero called metro ninja yea fuck it theme song to song: flute ninja stlye when im in high school to adult ima be superhero until i die/ you get rlly old</p>
<p>my power is speed and i want to be in the olympics but school is in the way and im training my speed so yea but in the future ill make the hero suit!/ i cant vibrate through a wallD:</p>
<p>dude rlly</p>
<p>What about your super hero name?</p>
<p>I actually have a superpower (IM NOT KIDDING) I have the power to tell the future and what will happen. Now I was actually born with this power, but I didn't realize it until last year! I can also control what will happen, like for example Im about to get heat stroke (not really) but i want to be colder, so I make it so its cold in my mind, then a breeze comes, or maybe the AC turns on. But I'm happy that I have a power and I'm trying to get telekinesis! -wish me luck! </p>
Maybe instead of mastering telekinesis you should try rehab (not sure what type of drugs you are on).
<p>I just hit criminals with my webs,and where they get hit,it burns them</p>
<p>i am spider-man,BOOM BITCH</p>
<p>aw, thats too much work...... <br>weres that radioactive spider, ill do it the quick way </p>
*secret lair- my basement. powers- super speed, super strength and the ability to control water
there is a book all about this!
awesome instructable. You dont need a super power, look at batman or green arrow. instead master your body. I work out everyday to be the skinny non fighting man i am, but maybe you will get built. take fighting lessons, and as far as fighting crime hmmm 911?
i wont become 1
This is intense! I want to be a superhero someday. Maybe when I grow up (but that will never happen!)
Dude... This is awesome. Getting to work on my superhero getup and everything ASAP! Thanks<br>
i tried every thing nothing worked all i can do is pick up buildings control the 4 elements an control thunder and lightning and i have super speed<br>
Secret HQ:My room or friends house or school bathroom (We're the same sex) (female)<br>Powers include:Superman's powers and I think I can read minds!!<br>Super suit:Superman's but with an S in the front with an S on the belt and I have a Black cape and I always have it on even under my school clothed and I always stop people from doing harmful things to kids and the funny thing is that I have glasses that I need but I put on contacts when I put on the suit!!
Classic! &nbsp;Make sure to add in:<br /> <br /> *A secret Lair - Mom's basement or the Mall bathroom should suffice.<br /> *Catchphrase/Theme music - no Hannah Montana, I don't care if YOU think it's scary!<br /> ...and most importantly...<br /> *Merchandising - You know what kind of profits can be made with a bobblehead?!<br />
I will add a secret lair and maybe a theme song but who wants to have their face everywhere? wait never mind, i will add it.<br />

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