How to Become Awesome at Block Letters

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Introduction: How to Become Awesome at Block Letters

you basically follow these directions for every letter. play around. :-)

Step 1: The Outline

we will do the letter E. start with an outline. see the picture first.

Step 2: Boxing It Out

make the thin lines box out.

Step 3: Connect Boxes

connect the rest of the lines to make the major part complete.

Step 4: Branch Out

branch out the corners and start the 3D affect. see the picture.

Step 5: Connect Branches

finish that 3D affect.

Step 6: Shade

just fill in the outside boxes. this is optional. :-)



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    Could you rotate the first image on your computer, then re-upload it?

    when you "branch out" you should do so in the same direction for all corners... (otherwise as you notice the perspective comes out wrong) in your E eaxmple that means the lower-left bracnh should go up-wards and the lower-right one wil not be needed at all (since it is effectively "behind" the front)

    (if this do not make sense i can make a quick drawing if you like, just reply below)