Introduction: How to Bend Water

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Have you ever wanted to bend water, to control it? I know I have and this is the closest I could get. Hope you enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: What You Need

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For this simple experiment you are going to need:

1 Piece of PVP pipe (mine was about 1 foot long) (you can also use a balloon)

thin cloth (I used my moms old apron) (if you are using a balloon you can use you're hair)

This one not everybody has but you might have one laying around ;) Just Kidding It's a sink

Step 2:

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First turn you're sink on so that only a thin stream of water comes out. Then take you're cloth and pipe and rub them together quickly till you feel warmth (if using a balloon just rub it on you're hair)

Step 3: Bend Under My Command

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Now quickly after you rubbed the pipe on you're cloth stick it right next to the stream of water. The water should move towards the pipe (if the water does not bend towards the pipe try rubbing it again on the cloth, if it still does not bend dry it because it could be wet)

Step 4: What Is Happening Scientifically

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The simple explanation:

The static electricity you built up by rubbing you're pipe against the cloth attracts the stream of water, bending it towards the Pipe (or balloon) just like magic!

The more advanced explanation:

Negatively charged particles called electrons jump from your cloth to the pipe as they rub together, the pipe now has extra electrons and is negatively charged. The water features both positive and negatively charged particles and is neutral. Positive and negative charges are attracted to each other so when you move the negatively charged pipe (or balloon) towards the stream, it attracts the water's positively charged particles and the stream bends!


kevanchristian (author)2015-02-16

OK that's also cool:-)

I would like to post a few more Instructables but today internet disided to not work lol

LOL :)


butter101 made it! (author)2015-02-05

This was pretty informal

Mysterious_Gal (author)butter1012015-02-05

why did you say you made it?

Wired_Mist (author)2015-02-02

I always love that trick :D


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