Want an awesomesauce videogame character based helmet and desk lamp!?!?

This instructable will show you how i made my version of a Big Sister's helmet from the popular videogame Bioshock 2.
I do not claim to have made an exact replica because i know i haven't.

I didnt make it to be a costume.. i made it to be a lamp... with a bulb so freaking bright it didnt comeout right in the pictures i took with it turned on.
This was made purely for fun.... and because i wanted a super sweet nightstand lamp.

Step 1: Getting Your Basic Stuff Together

What the lump i used.
a big rubber ball.
wire mesh screens
black fabric or felt
a GE reveal 60 watt DECORATIVE bulb
10 thumbtacks
10 hexnuts
2 4in. dryer vent hose clamps
a black leather belt
some 9/16" staples
2 2in. hose clamps
1 1/4in hose clamp
about 6ft. of rope
a bottle lamp kit
a small Master lock
a 15ft rubber utility hose
a little cable clamp
Gray spray paint primer
"Brown" Rustoleum HAMMERED finish spray paint
Silver Metallic spray paint
HOT GLUE GUN!!! (it will become your best friend, love it, treat it well.)
a pet food dish
clear plastic (or glass)
red transparent Cello wrap
black acrylic paint
2 tuna cans
4 potted meat cans
rectangle wire fencing
flexible metal hose (like the kind you see on removable showerheads)
copper wire

It sounds like a lot i know. it cost me around $43, may cost you more or less depending on what you already have, i had almost none of the stuff.
I bought most of it at my local Wal-Mart, and Tractor Supply. The rest i either had laying around the house (paint, newspaper, wire, cans) or i found at work and simply claimed it from the trash demons. (card board, flexible metal hose).
Before you go out spending oodles on top notch products, remember.. it is just a helmet. None of the parts have to work the way they would have originally been used.
Try checking your local GoodWill for cheaper prices on items, or items you think would work better for you.
<p>hi! I was wondering if I didn't add the light bulb would I make it like the other circular parts like the others around the helmet? and with breathing will the air come in and out from the bottom? thank you for your time! c:</p>
<p>if you don't use the light bulb you'd need to use some type of dome because the one in the actual game looks like a large bubble. Yes on the breathing, however if you find it hard to breathe you could always just NOT put the black liner on the 2 back ports, just the wire mesh. That should allow plenty of airflow.</p>
<p>ah okay thanks a lot! also i was wondering if you could see out of the front clearly? if not do you have any recommendations on any replacements for it? sorry i forgot to ask this. thank you for your time! c:</p>
<p>The way I made it you can still see but its very blurry. I recommend using either a glass/plastic that is already red or perhaps using some type of red marker. Around this time of the year the dollar stores usually sell party trays that are a transparent reddish color. Usually anyway.</p>
Hi,i got a question. Do you sell these? Or you just make them and give the instructions.
<p>Nope, I only ever made this one. But I can tell you it was a fairly easy task using mostly basic materials and it only cost me about $14 to make it. hope that helped</p>
aww so you wouldn't be interested in selling one? well,thanks ...I'm just kinda apprehensive about the paper mach&eacute; &gt;&lt; but I'll try! thank you!~♪
Hi! So first off, this is an amazing and really handy Instructable, thank you! So I'm in the process of making this helmet, and everything is going fine except the port hole. Would you be willing to make one for me for around $30, or if not be able to lend a tip? Thanks!
<p>I'm not really &quot;for hire&quot; lol. but I feel your pain, the port hole was like THE hardest thing for me to find. I got mine as a dog water bowl from my local Dollar Tree store, they actually still have them all these years later too. Umm if that's not doable then if you have the tools to cut metal I'd suggest using a small cake pan, they sell them in wedding goods shops or in most supermarket baking sections.</p>
<p>Could you just use a beach ball instead of a rubber ball? Or would that be to big?</p>
<p>it really just depends on how big you want it to be and whether or not you can fit your head inside it. And I think a beach ball would be slightly bigger than the rubber ball I used.<br>only real problem with using the beach ball would be the temperature you'd have to keep it at while drying since air could easily escape that type of ball you'd have to keep it really warm the whole time.</p>
<p>what can i use other then the red cello wrap. its kind of hard to find now that christmas it over. and im making this for a costume</p>
<p>any kind of transparent red plastic would do I suppose, I just couldn't find any at the time so cello wrap it is.<br>I think dollar stores have red tinted party trays for veggies and dips and whatnot that could be used, other than that I have no idea :/</p>
Where did you get the rubber ball? And how big is it? <br>This is awesome
<p>I got it at walmart during the summer time, they probably don't have them right now, id check a toys r us. Its a good sized ball, probably a foot and a half in diameter.</p>
You did such a good job
That's so freaking awsome it looks alike
Sweet baby Jesus, I had to make an account to tell you that I have all the materials, and I'm in the middle of making this. It's fantastic. :O I've had the idea for a Big Sister cosplay for awhile now, but now that I have this 'ible, I can make the helmet. (I'll post pictures when I'm done :D)
awesome! cant wait to see it
<p>Wow. Extreme amounts of late, especially because this costume was finished in august of last year, but hey. Here you go! Thanks for the help. </p><p><a href="http://24.media.tumblr.com/726fce4f19da1ff5471d62c1402e2a33/tumblr_myfyo0wvFJ1rmdrwio1_500.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://24.media.tumblr.com/726fce4f19da1ff5471d62c...</a> I found this totally amazing Big Daddy, too. He was awesome. </p><p><a href="http://24.media.tumblr.com/92eb5074dfe8bc9be36511ebbeee975c/tumblr_ms49fvWRC71r0x5qso2_500.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://24.media.tumblr.com/92eb5074dfe8bc9be36511e...</a></p><p><a href="http://37.media.tumblr.com/7896c452a86ea5289e67bd20934a61d1/tumblr_ms49fvWRC71r0x5qso3_500.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://37.media.tumblr.com/7896c452a86ea5289e67bd2...</a></p>
I was just wondering where you got your bowl because I've been looking everywhere, and apparenly basic pet food bowls are the hardest thing to find!
<p>I got it at a Dollar Tree store, this was some time ago, but the one here in my town still carries the exact same pet bowls as of last week. (last time I was there)</p><p>hope that helped</p>
Absolutely! I was wondering what the diameter is? Sorry to ask so many questions! You just did it absolutely perfectly
<p>about 6 1/2 inches. roughly. and no problem</p>
I've started the paper mache but even after the first layer, it dried but cracked and ripped all up one side, So i'm having to start again.. Any advice how to keep it together and not let the ball change size? :(
Just to keep it in the same temperature throughout the process of applying the layers and drying. <br>When waiting for the layers to dry don't put it infront of a fan or a heater or anything to accelerate the process. If it still continues to crack, storing it in a slightly cooler place to dry would be okay, that way the ball will shrink slightly instead of expanding. <br>By the way... when my shell cracked the first time it pretty much split in half. Instead of tearing it all apart and starting over I just applied 2x the amount of paper mache to the areas where it cracked and it held itself together pretty well. <br>Hope that helped.
Awwww yus. I was already fantasizing both a Big Sister costume for me and a Big Daddy costume for my brother. Holy yesss. Thanks so much for making this, even if it's like, a year away from halloween, I needed to see if there was one xD <br>I might as well get started on it early and walk around town in it anyway!
awesome. it took me a while to complete this helmet... but that was mainly me waiting to get parts and for paint to dry. <br>Nothin wrong with planning ahead. AND! if you make it, be sure to send me a pic, id love to see it
are we supposed to pop the rubber ball? <br> <br>
Yes! I'm sorry, i dont know why i didnt put this in there, but once the shell is COMPLETELY dry and hardened and you're ready to cut out the port-holes, just pop the ball and pull it out of the &quot;neck&quot; or &quot;face&quot; holes, whichever one you cut first.
Thanks, that helped me alot. <br>
Glad i could help, have you finished it yet?
How'd you get the sandpaper so smooth? I just started my first layer and it looks pretty bumpy
sandpaper? you mean newspaper right? lol. <br>But how i got it so smooth was that i put it on in layers but with strips of paper about an inch wide and 7 inches long. if there were any bumps or folds i would cover them with a &quot;patch&quot; of newspaper about 4inches x 4inches. Then i covered the whole outer sides of it with the paper mache goop so it would cover up any edges and things like that.
This is absolutely amazing!!! I believe I'll be starting on this project during the summer when I know I have the time for it. I'll start collecting everything for it now though. :)<br>Thank you so much for sharing! Bioshock is by far my favorite game.
thank you, your welcome.<br>i look forward to seeing it when you're done.
I would like to confess my love for you. :3
...i love you too
freakin awesome...i mean everything, the wording, your &quot;unequalled?&quot; craftiness, and how it looks.....now if i figure out how to do that in real metal....you`ll deff get honorable mention...thanx 4 the inspiration!!!
actually... if you take a metal sheet (i origianlly planned on doing this in metal, however... i lack the tools, money, and metal........) anyway... take a metal sheet and draw a circle in the center then some triangles coming off of it in a certain degree (dont know off the top of my head.) and then cut the triangles out with the circle all in one piece and bend the triangles together it shout come out to be a sphere.. hoped that helped. lol even though you didnt ask for help.<br><br><br>and thank you very much for viewing and calling me unequalled.
like to be able to hand form it outta sheet brass....my version would be more of a vintage scuba helmet, if i was to do your helmet...triangles and my welder would suit.....might try your version with fiberglass.
fiberglass works about the same as the paper mache did. if not harder to handle. lol.<br>i think the brass would look seriously cool
Now THAT is an &quot;instructable&quot; ! ^5.. I only know that Bioshock is a game because I've seen other &quot;ibles&quot; on it. As a costume/lamp I think this is totally cool, I can imagine myself wearing it for this years Haunt There is some really cool repurposing involved and your well defined steps would make it easy to recreate.<br><br> Although a picture &quot;ible&quot; is exceptable this deserved much more than &quot;this is what I did from stuff&quot;, your skills deserved more, I'm glad you stepped up in such a spectacular way
thank you...<br>i wasnt trying to sound rude or anything.. i had just made the helmet and really wanted it to be seen before people could see the how to
I can totally understand that but a single paragraph describing what you had done would have been nice.. rather a moot point now
Nice! That hook thing is a cable clamp ...
ah thank you

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