How To: Birthday Banner Inspiration


Introduction: How To: Birthday Banner Inspiration

About: My name is Amanda and I'm the face of TrendingSeasons! I'm a twenty-something YouTube video editor, crafter, and lover of all things festive!

Synopsis: Decorate a space for someone's birthday! With lots of glitz, glamour, and lights, make their birthday one to remember!

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You are going to need:

- Star Garland (Found on

-Masking tape

-Pink and white streamers


-A gold Birthday Banner (Found on

-Sparkly bows

-And pink lights (Found on

(NOTE: Item links available on YouTube)

1. On a mantle, string up your star garland. Secure it with masking tape.

2. Loop pink streamers so that they hang at different lengths (use lots of tape!) I’ve also twisted a white streamer from one side of the mantle to the other.

3. String up your gold Birthday banner, securing it with tape on the sides.

4. String up your pink lights so that they line up with the star garland.

5. If you have excess lights, lay them along the top of the mantle.

6. To complete the look, I’ve chosen two silver bows to tape to the mantle.

Look how CUTE!

Until next time loves! XO!



Step 1:



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