How to block adverts on your computer. Check how to block adverts on your PC by block all the servers that bring adverts.

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Step 2: Steps

Watch The Video On How Its Done

1. Open Command Prompt As An Adminstrator.

2. Type In This Command : start notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

3. A host file will now open in notepad.

4. Now copy and paste all the server list in this text file http://adf.ly/1OC7NV to the host file.

5. Save the host file.

6. Finally Restart Your PC for the effects to take place.

Watch The Video On How To Fix PC Errors :https://youtu.be/IUTpzCbOj78

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<p>A step by step guide with photos and some description would constitute a much higher quality instructable. Especially considering mobile users cannot see videos, this instructable is of no help when set up this way!</p>
<p>Thanks For The Tip I Will start doing that</p>

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