How to Blow Out a Sprinkler System





Introduction: How to Blow Out a Sprinkler System

It usually costs $50 to $100 to have your sprinkler system blown out for the winter.  You can do it yourself with a one-time purchase of a $150 air compressor.



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    Thanks for the video Lou, I was able to do it myself with a 3 gallon air compressor. Feeling so accomplished today :)

    When I blow them out, I see the sprinkler heads pop up and empty out water for a couple of minutes, and then eventually blow just air. I'm sure this gets over 90% of the water out of the pipes, which is more than enough to prevent freeze damage.

    I live in the Midwest where temperatures well below freezing in the winter. I have blown out my sprinkler systems this way for 10 years, and have never had a problem.

    Thank you for the video! My boyfriend is a big DIY guy so I'll be sending this over to him. I'll be sure I have a good air compressor and triple check that the sprinkler blowout worked. Am I able to rent an air compressor that's powerful enough to do a blowout or is that something you have to purchase?

    I have always used a simple 4 gallon compressor you can get at a hardware store for under$200, and have never had any trouble. Just let it run 5 minutes per zone.

    How would I go about temporarily defeating the backflow preventer? Air pressure escapes through there preventing me from blowing out the sprinkler lines.

    Something doesn't seem quite right. I suspect your backflow preventer is defective. Mine doesn't do that. There should be eight tiny little valve that you can turn off with a screwdriver that will block anything from going to the backflow preventer.

    Oh! You are injecting air after the backflow valve. You need to inject air before it. You need to shut off the water source to your entire sprinkler system, including backflow valve, and then blow air in just beyond that shutoff. The air should take the exact same path as the water did.

    The backflow preventer seems to work fine. Pressure from downstream of it is automatically released to the atmosphere. Pressure from the supply side is routed downstream to the zone valves. My compressor connection (where I assume a landscape place would connect to) is between my backflow preventer and the zone valves. Air injected there though is back pressure and gets released. I either need to inject my air downstream of the zone valve or I need to install a ball valve between the backflow preventer and compressor connection.