Picture of How To Boost The Range On Any Car Remote Key
This instructable will show you how to increase the range on any car key remote.
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Step 1: Get Inside It

Picture of Get Inside It
Lets start by using a small flat screwdriver and pry the key remote open. Then locate the antenna(it looks like a small silver box). Then using sandpaper lightly scrape off some if the silver coating.

Step 2: Adding Some Wire

Picture of Adding Some Wire
Now solder a small length of wire to that antenna. Then close it up.

Step 3: Try It Out

Picture of Try It Out
Now try it out. You should get almost 40-50 added distance and it still works.
deckerm1 year ago
This greatly depends on the make and model. This could also be an interesting project to attempt a fractal laminated aluminum foil antenna.
Thoraldus1 year ago
Antennas need to resonate on the design frequency. Adding pieces of metal to an antenna can detune it to the point where you could significantly reduce the effective range. The best range booster is a fresh battery. You may also find that holding the remote up high can help.
meseta1 year ago
That metal box is very likely to be EMF shielding for a chip or oscllator and not the antenna, also it'll be connected to the GND, not the antenna signal.

Antennas inside small electronics like these are either the PCB trace, or a small ceramic chip.

Also, soldering arbitrarily lengthen wires to antenna traces won't necessarily work. Ultimately the power emitted by the transmitter is fixed, so you can't boost range, but you can "focus" the signal so that range is higher in certain directions at the expense of others. Finally using the wrong antenna length also causes signal reflections and lower efficiencies, REDUCING your range.
It doesn't even work ;)
eric.baier1 year ago
I believe you are wrong. The antenna on your keyless entry remote is the metal trace running around the outside of the circuit board.