Step 3: Methods

These include freeze branding, electric branding, and the traditional fire branding.
My understanding on DESIGNING a "brand" is that it should not be a fully closed figure. I believe that if "edges" come within about 10mm of each other, the Blood circulation in the skin can be sufficiently compromised that the entire area may "die" or become so damaged as to make the brand unreadable, (not to mention the repercussions on the health of the animal.)
In the UK, we use the yellow tags to replace branding. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), stipulate that all livestock must be tagged within 20 days of birth in each ear. The tag contains a unique number used to identify the animal through it's life. This way we can track the animal from birth to death, and avoid diseased meat etc. entering the food chain.
What is that yellow ear tag? I guess you select the branding location so it doesn't blemish and devalue the leather pelt?

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