Picture of How To Brand Cattle
Branding cattle is a practical and cost effective way to identify your cattle. A recognizable, registered brand keeps cattle proving its ownership.
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Step 1: Brand Designing

Picture of Brand Designing
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Design the brand that you want to use on your cattle. Types of identification brands can include logos, letters and numbers . You may use all three .

Step 2: Availability Checking

Picture of Availability Checking
Check availability of your brand. If your brand is not in use by someone else, you can then register it with the state.

Step 3: Methods

Picture of Methods
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These include freeze branding, electric branding, and the traditional fire branding.

Step 4: Appropriate Temperatures

Picture of Appropriate Temperatures
Heat or freeze the branding iron, depending on your preferred method. If using a heat source make sure the iron is not too hot. The iron should be an ash gray color, not bright red.

Step 5: Staying In Place

Picture of Staying In Place
Hold the cattle to avoid any sudden movements when the branding iron is applied. This can be done using shoots.

Step 6: Applying It

Picture of Applying It
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Finally apply the brand to the cattle in a rolling motion for no more than five seconds. Firm pressure should be applied to the iron to ensure a recognizable brand.

Step 7: Tips

Picture of Tips
Avoid branding wet cattle as this could cause scaling and an unrecognizable brand.